Details of Ruben Neves’ injury in the Portugal national team camp

Media reports said that Al Hilal midfielder Ruben Neves complained of muscle pain and fatigue that prevented him from participating in Portugal national team training yesterday.

Thamer Al-Shahrani, a physiotherapist, said through his account on the social networking site “X” that according to the trader, Ruben Neves is complaining of muscle pain or fatigue and missed Portugal’s training, and this type of injury is not worrisome and rest is sufficient to return to training.

Al-Shahrani added that Ruben Neves had no previous muscle injuries. There was only one injury 6 years ago, and therefore his injury is minor and he will return.

Ruben Neves joined the ranks Hilal of Saudi Arabia During the summer transfer period, he came from Wolverhampton, England, and the Portuguese star is considered an essential element in the “Al-Zaeem” squad.

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