Despite the win…topping the group is not the only goal for Iraqi players!

Players confirmed The Iraqi national team Topping Group Six is ​​not their only goal, after their fifth victory in the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.

The Iraqi team succeeded in achieving its fifth consecutive victory in the qualifiers, defeating Indonesia 2-0 in the fifth round, strengthening its place at the top of Group Six with a full score.

After the end of the match and before the players’ statements, the Iraqi team supervisor said: Younis Mahmoud“The Iraqi Federation will try to provide all means of comfort to the national team players after the great performance they gave during the match. They made a lot of efforts during their presence in Indonesia and endured the different weather conditions.”

He added: “The Iraqi Federation will allow the players to attend in the (business) seats of the private plane that will transport the Iraqi team to Basra, where everyone will undergo rest in order to reach full recovery before facing Vietnam in the final round of the double qualifiers.”

Leading the group is not our only goal in the qualifiers

Iraqi national team striker Ayman Hussein said: “The Iraqi national team has effectively turned the page on the Indonesia match, and now we must think about the upcoming confrontation with Vietnam. Leading the group is not our only goal in the double Asian qualifiers, but we are also thinking about improving our position in the next FIFA classification.”

For his part, player Ibrahim Bayesh said: “The humidity was very high in Indonesia and affected the players’ levels in general, but thank God we were able to win despite the difficulty of the match and the opponent, and this is what is most important now.”

Bayesh continued: “Topping the group is not our only goal in the double qualifiers. We are also thinking about improving our position in the FIFA rankings, and this is what we are looking forward to before entering the decisive Asian qualifiers.”

Iraq beat Indonesia outside its homeland

Yusuf Amin, in turn, said: “The Indonesian players played very well in the match. The team has players from Europe, as well as a number of other professionals who were able to improve the team’s performance. They wanted to win, but we were able to achieve the victory in the end.”

In turn, player Amir Al-Ammari said: “The first half was difficult for Iraq because of the atmosphere and the large crowd in the stadium, without forgetting the great performance provided by the Indonesian team in the first half.”

He continued: “In the second half, things changed for the Iraqi team, and with the entry of the players Ali Jassim and Youssef Amin, the match became in our favor and we were able to translate chances into goals,” indicating that “every Iraqi player, whether he started as a starter or a reserve, must give everything he has, and this is what happened with Ali Jassim and Youssef Amin, after they gave a great performance today.”

The player, Ali Jassim, had a different opinion than his teammates about the weather. The young player confirmed, saying: “The weather was not an obstacle for me. I am used to the humidity here in Indonesia. Achieving the victory was important and we look forward to repeating it in the next Vietnam match in Basra.”

With this victory, the Iraqi team reached the 15th point, strengthening its lead in Group Six, while Indonesia’s balance stopped at the seventh point in the runner-up standings.

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