Despite the defeat, the army served Pyramids and exposed Al-Ahly’s weaknesses

Al-Ahly achieved its 12th consecutive victory in Egyptian League After defeating Tala’ea El-Gaish 2-0 in the 30th round of the competition, in the match that was held at Cairo International Stadium, to continue chasing Pyramids before the anticipated confrontation between them next Friday.

Al-Ahly raised its score to 57 points in second place in the Egyptian League table from 23 matches, 11 points behind Pyramids, the leader with 68 points, and the Red Devils still have 4 postponed matches, while the Army Pioneers’ score froze at 35 points in 11th place in the table.

Al-Ahly’s ability to decide

Al-Ahly’s lineup witnessed several changes, most notably the participation of Mustafa Shobeir in goal, who succeeded in saving Al-Ahly from two clear opportunities in the first half.

The difference between Al-Ahly and Al-Jaish is that Al-Ahly had 3 chances in the second half and scored 2 goals, while Al-Jaish had 2 chances in the first half but failed to score them due to the poor behavior of its players, especially in the 12th minute.

Army player Mohamed Hany, who outplayed Mohamed Abdel Moneim and was alone with goalkeeper Shobier, could have passed to his teammate, who was completely unmarked and advancing from behind to the front while directly facing the goal, but he acted strangely and with great individuality.

Karim Fouad’s loophole

The Army Vanguard team appeared well in the first half, and exposed Al-Ahly’s most prominent weaknesses in playing long balls behind its defense, from which two opportunities came, the first was a one-on-one in the 12th minute, and the second in the 25th minute, as the pictures below show.

If we look at the pictures, we will find that left back Karim Fouad made two mistakes in the same way in a few seconds and in a strange way. The first, as the picture above shows, was putting pressure on one of the Tala’ea El-Gaish players, even though one of his teammates was putting pressure.

The second picture above in the same game, the player again left his position strangely and started forward despite the absence of any justification for this start and there was no presence of any player from the army, and the ball was played long in the space behind him and almost caused a goal.

This will be like suicide against Pyramids in the next round and the decisive match of the league, as he will face a front that includes Mostafa Fathi and behind him Mohamed El-Sheeb, “the player in the league who creates the most chances.”

Corner kick detail

The first goal scored by Al-Ahly through Amr El-Soulia illustrates a “tactic” that the army failed to deal with, despite it being familiar to Al-Ahly and Marcel Koller.

stood up The Red Giant With two players on the corner kick, everyone thought he would play it twice as Kohler usually does, but he played it to Imam Ashour on the edge of the penalty area. Although Imam is distinguished by long shots and shot more from outside the area, he was alone without any supervision from any player from the army.

The army players were forced to move forward to uncover the offside trap, but Ahmed Zola fell into the wrong and covered the offside, and Amr El-Soulia succeeded in exploiting the ball and scoring.

The army used the right method of pressure.

The Army Vanguards started the match with a 4-4-1-1 formation, not a 4-4-2. The idea here is that the team’s technical director, Abdel Hamid Bassiouni, placed one player behind the other, so that each of them would put pressure on the two most important players who have the ability to get the ball out of Al-Ahly.

From the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Dakhiliya in the Egyptian Premier League

Al-Ahly, when it comes out with the ball from the back, relies on its best defender, Mohamed Abdel-Moneim, and here he was pressured by Godin Okkar and sometimes Abdel-Rahman Shika, and when the ball reached Marawan Attia, he was pressured by Mohamed Hani, and here the team struggled to come out with the ball.

Kohler’s quick move saved Al-Ahly

After a negative half with poor results and performance and one shot on goal, the situation changed in the second half thanks to Kohler’s quick changes, which is something strange for Kohler who often delays changes.

Kohler’s changes made the difference, substitute Omar Kamal made the second goal and Amr El-Soleya scored the first goal, in a continuation of the addition provided by the duo, as Amr El-Soleya entered as a substitute more than once and scored.

As for Omar Kamal, he made an assist for the second match in a row and reached his fifth assist with the team this season, and his seventh goal contribution, as he scored two goals and previously made an assist against Al-Dakhiliya.

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