Depay’s “headband” is causing a stir in the Netherlands.. What’s the story?

Dutch striker Memphis Depay, the star of Atletico Madrid, attracted the attention of fans because of the headband he wears on his forehead during… European Cup For football currently being held in Germany, where many stores have run out of stock, according to what local media reported on Friday.

Depay wore a headband in the warm-up matches for the continental championship against Iceland and Canada in early June, like tennis or basketball players.

Depay is becoming a fashion icon in football

If it is a newspaperDe Volkskrant“Daily, I considered that a striker Holland He has become a fashion icon and “chooses the way he dresses.” The newspaper “The telegraph“Memphis has positioned himself as the special person within the group, which is not good for the group dynamic,” she lamented.

Dutch star headband

But Depay defended himself with a logical explanation, saying: “It helps me avoid sweating. It suits me perfectly and my girlfriend loves it. It’s a new look.”

But coach Ronald Koeman did not welcome the fait accompli he imposed Player, by wearing a headband embroidered with his number 10 and the phrase “Who cares?” He said in this regard: “I did not like the matter and was surprised by it. But I do not find the matter dangerous. I do not think there is any benefit in creating an issue and creating controversy about this matter.”

However, businesses in the Netherlands have taken advantage of this, to the point that many major brands no longer stock these type of headbands, and a potato fry shop even made headlines in Dutch newspapers, because it offered a free headband for every purchase.

France and Netherlands

Article 42.01 of the European Football Association (UEFA) regulations prohibits wearing dangerous accessories (chains and earrings), but in contrast it does not stipulate anything related to the headband.

It is worth noting that the Dutch star is one of the football players interested in the latest fashion trends, and he also appears in clothes and accessories that attract audiences in the videos that he films and broadcasts on YouTube along with his songs.

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