Death of player Ahmed Refaat.. Controversy and exchange of accusations on air

The echoes of the death of player Ahmed Refaat continued with his brother accusing MP Ahmed Diab, head of the Professional Clubs Association, of causing the psychological state his brother entered into, which caused him to suffer from a health problem and pressures before his death.

Ahmed appeared in a TV interview last month and hinted that his health had deteriorated due to his poor psychological state, and he confirmed that someone had caused what had happened to him, confirming that his agent, Nader Shawky, knew what had happened.

New details on the death of player Ahmed Refaat

Mohamed talked about the death of the player Ahmed Refaat, saying in statements to MBC Masr 2: “Ask Ahmed Diab what happened to Ahmed because of you. Nader Shawky knows the harm that Ahmed was exposed to.”

For his part, Nader Shawky said: “The problem came about because Ahmed went on loan to Al Wahda in the UAE, but he felt that he left illegally, and his club should have completed the procedures for obtaining his travel permits.”

He continued: “Refaat was surprised in the Emirates that his travel was illegal, which made him terminate his contract with Al-Wahda and stay in the Emirates for a month, which caused him to enter a bad psychological state. The player felt that he was wanted and must return to Egypt as soon as possible.”

He continued: “The President Future At that time, Ahmed Diab was the one who allowed Ahmed to travel to the Emirates, and the player refused to travel to the Emirates for fear of the crisis.

He added: “Refaat was afraid to return to Egypt because his travel was illegal, fearing he would be arrested. Here, I demanded that the Future management resolve the crisis, but they did not move and left the player without a solution to his crisis.”

Ahmed Diab responded by saying: “It is not true that Ahmed traveled legally and by ministerial decision,” and continued: “Ahmed was issued two ministerial decisions and a permit to travel to Liberia with Future, then to the Emirates to sign a contract with Al-Wahda Club.”

Carlos Queiroz, former coach of the Egyptian national team (Twitter/ Carlos Queiroz)

He added: “The club’s responsibility ends upon obtaining the ministerial permit, and other approvals are not in the club’s hands. But the decision that was issued protects Ahmed legally.”

The meeting witnessed an intervention by Mohamed El Shazly, the spokesman for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, who said: “Yes, the player obtained a ministerial decision, so that he could obtain permission from the armed forces, but the ministerial decision does not protect him from evading conscription.”

The ministry spokesman continued: “The ministerial decision requires permission from the military service in order to travel, which is a basic condition for travel. The administrative director of the team to which Ahmed belongs should have followed up on him legally throughout his exit from the country.”

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