De Bruyne at the Euros: A lackluster performance and a threat of international retirement

Kevin De Bruyne’s appearance in the tournament was European Nations Cup 2024 was dull, like his country Belgium, which was eliminated from the tournament in the round of 16 by the French team, with the Manchester City star once again failing to lead the “Red Devils” to glory.

The level did not change Belgian national team During the current Euro, he showed more than he did in the last major tournament, specifically the Qatar 2022 World Cup, when he bid farewell in the group stage, leaving the two qualification cards for the Croatian and Moroccan national teams, and it was said at the time: “It is the end of a generation of stars.”

With the appointment of the German coach of Italian origin, Domenico Tedesco, to succeed the Spaniard Roberto Martinez, the Belgians were optimistic that their team would make a strong participation in Euro 2024, especially with the injection of new blood into the team, while retaining the most prominent stars of the previous generation, such as De Bruyne, Jan Vertonghen and Romelu Lukaku.

De Bruyne’s modest participation in Euro 2024

Carry a star Manchester City The hopes of the Belgian fans, who are hungry for titles in the 2024 European Cup, and he was the first captain of the team as one of the oldest and most famous players, but the “bad mix” prepared by coach Tedesco spoiled all the plans, and made the numbers collapse in exchange for an early exit and a “weak” scoring tally.

The Belgian national team played 4 matches in the Euro, scoring only 2 goals and conceding 2 goals as well. De Bruyne scored only one goal against Romania in the second round of the group stage, but other than that he did not create or score again, a tally that raises many questions.

The match against France was the worst for the Premier League champion’s playmaker, as he did not provide enough evidence to lead his country to qualify for the quarter-finals, especially with the French dominating most of the match, as “the captain was absent when needed.”

“It’s a shame because we had a plan and we executed it very well, until the goal came,” the City star said after the elimination against France. “We came here with good impressions, after good matches during preparation, but this is not the result we wanted. We lost to Slovakia, and there were things that needed improvement, but this team also showed a lot of good things, and the commitment from everyone was great.”

Was De Bruyne affected by Belgium’s level?

If we take a general look at De Bruyne’s individual numbers during the Euro Championship in general, we will notice a significant decline compared to what he achieved with Manchester City, as he played a total of 13 matches in 3 consecutive editions (2016, 2020 and 2024) and managed to score only two goals (including his goal in the current edition) and provide 5 assists.

One player cannot make the glory of an entire team, as he affects and is affected by the team. When you see the Red Devils’ attacking combination, you realize that there is a major flaw in the attacking coordination, and this is what led to De Bruyne’s modest appearance, and a semi-convincing explanation for his modest numbers, even though the opponents in the group stage were very modest.


In the four matches he played in the Euros, De Bruyne provided 12 key passes to his teammates that were not exploited properly, while he shot on goal five times, one of which resulted in a goal. As for dribbling, it was rare, as he failed to get past any player against France, compared to his five successful dribbles in the group stage matches against Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.

the match Key passes Shooting on goal Successful evasions
Slovakia 4 0 1
Romania 3 3 3
Ukraine 4 1 1
France 1 1 0

De Bruyne threatens international retirement

De Bruyne could not digest the elimination against the French, and he seemed very affected after the match, which made him confirm that he would think about the issue of international retirement, indicating that he would make his final decision this summer. These statements came one day after announcing his desire to stay at Manchester City.

The Belgian star said in this regard: “I will not make any decision now. It is too early to decide whether I will continue with the national team or not. I must think about it first. We will think about all aspects, and there will be a decision after this summer.”

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