Date set for arrival of Iraq’s most prominent Olympic professionals to France

The coach of the Iraqi Olympic team is waiting Radhi ShenishelThe date of arrival of his team’s most prominent professionals to join the Iraqi team’s training in the French city of Toulouse.

An elected delegation arrived Iraq Olympic Yesterday, Wednesday, to Toulouse to enter a final training camp before participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics, which will include a friendly match against the Egyptian Olympic team on the seventeenth of July.

Sources told the website:win win“Coach Radhi Shenaishil decided to give the players a complete rest yesterday, without conducting any training sessions in order to get rid of the travel fatigue and also because most of the players played a match in the Iraqi Premier League a few days before heading to France.

She added: “The Iraqi Olympic team delegation witnessed the arrival of players Kamil Saad and Youssef Al-Imam, as they attended the hotel where the Iraqi delegation is staying in Toulouse, and the Spanish assistant coaching staff also arrived, while the rest of the professional players will arrive successively.”

The date of Ayman Hussein and Bayesh joining the Iraqi Olympic team

The sources indicated that Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya players Ibrahim Bayesh, Ayman Hussein, Saad Natiq, Ali Jassim and Mustafa Saadoun will arrive in Toulouse tomorrow, Friday, and will join the team’s training directly, while the team’s most prominent professional player, Eintracht Braunschweig player Youssef Amin, will also arrive tomorrow to be at the coach’s disposal, while Heerenveen player Hussein Ali will be the last to arrive for the Iraqi national team on the 20th of this month.

The sources noted that the Iraqi national team delegation is experiencing a state of great stability and calm, especially since coach Shenishil imposed discipline on everyone, just as happened in the Asian finals qualifying for the Olympics, as fans and media were not allowed to attend the Iraqi delegation’s residence.

Iraqi Olympic team delegation

The sources continued: “Shenishil will wait for his team members to be complete in order to give some technical lectures and instructions to the players so that they follow a single approach and an increasing training rhythm in preparation for the Olympics. Therefore, most of the training in the next few days will be for psychological preparation, and then the training will increase for physical preparation.”

Iraq will begin its journey in the Paris Olympics by facing Ukraine on July 24, then facing Argentina on the 27th of the same month, and then facing Morocco on the 30th of the same month.

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