Darwin Nunez is the hero of the scandal in the Uruguay-Colombia match

The Uruguay-Colombia match, which was held at dawn on Thursday at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, for the semi-finals of the tournament, witnessed… Copa America 2024 A major scandal occurred, and terrifying scenes occurred after its end, and its first hero was Liverpool star Darwin Nunez.

The confrontation between “La Celeste” and Colombia in the semi-finals of the Copa America ended with the victory of the “Los Cafeteros” team with a score of (1-0), qualifying for the final.

The Colombian national team will face its Argentinian counterpart in the final, in a match expected to be between the two teams that presented the best levels during the tournament held in the United States of America.

Uruguay vs Colombia match ends in scandal

The match between Uruguay and Colombia in the Copa America semi-final witnessed a lot of tension between the players of the two teams on the field, but this tension increased and moved to the stands between the fans of the two teams who got into quarrels and clashes.

Things got worse when a number of Uruguayan players climbed into the stands and clashed with Los Cafeteros fans, with little intervention from the organizers or police, in a scene that rarely happens in major tournaments.

The situation became tense on the pitch, with a number of La Celeste players climbing into the stands to protect their families, including Jose Maria Gimenez, Ronald Araujo and Darwin Nunez, who was punched by a Colombian fan.

The mother of Manuel Uguarati, a player for the national team, was exposed to… Uruguay To fainting, and Jimenez, defender of “La Celeste”, commented on these events, saying: “It is a shame, our family was in danger and the police did nothing, we had to go to the stands to protect our loved ones, some of whom had children. There was only one policeman.”

Colombia beat Uruguay (1-0) and qualify for the Copa America 2024 final

“The players simply went to protect their families,” said Ignacio Alonso, president of the Uruguayan Football Association. “The situation has gotten worse, but I think it’s a natural reaction. We were attacked on the presidential platform, they threw things at us, and we had to bring children to protect them.”

In addition to the events that took place in the Uruguay-Colombia match, the current edition of the Copa America witnessed other scandals such as the poor condition of the pitches, according to the testimony of the players and coaches of the teams, the high temperatures that led to an assistant referee fainting in one of the matches, and other matters that raise many question marks about the readiness of the United States of America to host the 2026 World Cup with Canada and Mexico.

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