Critical decisions to control match referees in Iraq

The head of the Referees Committee of the Iraqi Football Federation, Muhammad Arab, revealed that decisive decisions have been taken to control match referees in local tournaments, including Iraq Stars League.

Referees in Iraq are facing severe criticism because of the decisions taken by match referees after returning to the video assistant referee (VAR) technology.

Arabs said towin win: “The referees’ committee and its department in the Iraqi Football Federation met with the president of the federation, Adnan Darjal, in order to come up with decisions regarding the presence of referees and their influence on social media sites, as well as their influence on them and what is published about them.”

He added: “The meeting came out with a decision requiring all referees to stay away from unauthorized media appearances. This decision is very important in order to preserve the status of referees and their respect in the sports street, because they are stadium judges and must be kept away from these matters.”

Iraqi rulers are banned from writing on social media sites

He continued: “The meeting also decided to prevent our referees from writing on social media sites, whether about the Federation or the Referees Committee and Department, with unacceptable permissions, as referees must speak directly with the Federation or the Referees Committee to maintain confidentiality in such matters that should not be available.” On social media sites, because they are not appropriate for the names of the rulers.”

He added: “The penalties of the referees’ list will be applied to any of our referees at various levels who violates the instructions and insults or attacks the referees’ committee and its department. The suspension will be for a period of six months for the first time, and a full year if this is repeated again.”

Arab continued: “The committee and the department work together to serve the game and they should not be accused of any accusation without evidence. Everyone works to serve the country, and what is coming from some does not develop the game and Iraqi arbitration, so this must be put to an end.”

Spanish coach Jesus Casas, coach of the Iraqi national team, winwin (Facebook/ifa) Win Win

Iraqi referees are facing severe criticism from the administrations and fans of some clubs participating in the Iraq Stars League, despite the application of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology for the first time in Iraqi stadiums this season.

Al-Talaba Club was the last club to criticize the decisions of the referees in the Iraq Stars League, as the club threatened to take legal measures to recover its rights after it was subjected to injustice in five consecutive matches, according to its statement.

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