Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for rehabilitation against Al Hilal in the Roshen League

Searching for Portuguese international striker Cristiano Ronaldo Saudi victory About rehabilitation against Al-Hilal, when the two teams meet in the Saudi Roshan League, which “Al-Zaeem” previously decided in his favor.

It can be said that facing Al Hilal is a “complex” for the Portuguese Ronaldo As the player has not achieved any victory in the official confrontations between the two teams since moving to the World Cup in December 2022, while the two teams faced off in two friendly matches, Al-Nasr won one match and Al-Hilal prevailed in the other match.

Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, star of Saudi Al-Nasr (X/SPL) One Win winwin

In total, Ronaldo played 5 matches against Al Hilal (3 official matches, 2 friendly matches) and only won one match, which was in the Arab Championship final, while in the other friendly match in… Riyadh Season Cup He also suffered defeat, and in two matches in the Saudi League he also tasted the bitterness of defeat, in addition to the semi-finals of the Saudi Super Cup.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo be considered against Al Hilal?

The past four defeats were among the reasons that made Ronaldo “go off script” in his last two matches with Al Hilal, as he committed disgraceful behavior in his team’s match against… Crescent moon In the Riyadh Season Cup, in response to Al-Zaeem’s fans who threw the club’s blue scarves at him as he was leaving the stadium.

Video clips circulated showed the 39-year-old star making an inappropriate gesture after receiving major provocations from Al Hilal fans, after one of the fans threw a “shawl” bearing the Al Hilal logo at Cristiano, in the corridor leading to the locker room, and the player responded with an appropriate action. Immoral in front of the leader’s fans.

Ronaldo did not escape Al-Bulaihi’s provocations

Two months after that match last February during the winter break, a new match brought together Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal, this time in the Saudi Super Cup. The match was held on April 8, and everyone was waiting for Ronaldo to stop the “train” of Al-Hilal’s victories, but Cristiano was A victim of provocations by Saudi defender Ali Al-Bulaihi, who “cleverly” caused him to be expelled from the match.

The Portuguese star received a red card before the end of the second half, in the derby that was held outside the Kingdom, after he elbowed Al Hilal defender, Ali Al-Bulaihi, making this his first card with Al-Alamy.

In the next Al-Alami match against Al-Zaeem – who was officially crowned with the Saudi League title – the Portuguese will seek to regain his reputation, as although the match is not important because the league was officially decided and included Al-Alami runner-up in the Roshan League, it is important on a personal level for Cristiano to break his series of defeats against Al-Hilal.

Al-Nasr will host its neighbor Al-Hilal, on Friday evening, May 17, at Al-Awal Park Stadium, for the thirty-second round, and the confrontation will begin at 9:00 pm Mecca time.

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