Copa America Legends | Maradona and a strange shirt in the 1979 edition

Football-loving fans are anticipating the start of competitions Copa America In its forty-eighth edition, which will be held during the period from June 20 to July 14 of the current year 2024 in the United States of America, with the honorable participation of six teams with invitation cards from the organizers, with unforgettable memories of many legends who appeared in the tournament, perhaps the most prominent of whom is the late Argentine Diego Armando Maradona.

It is expected that the Copa America will be held with the participation of 16 teams, ten of which come from South America, in addition to the participation of 6 other teams from CONCACAF, amid special anticipation for what the giant teams will present, led by Brazil andArgentina.

Opportunity win win Followers will review special episodes of the most prominent Copa America legends, as this report highlights the Argentine legend Maradona.

Maradona and the curse that followed him for a long time in Copa America

Although Diego Armando Maradona appeared in three different editions of the Copa America competition, the late Argentine was unable to win the title during his career, as his coffers were devoid of the American Cup, unlike what happened in the World Cup.

Maradona began his Copa America career by appearing in the 1979 edition; But the Argentine legend failed to do much with Tango, leaving the competition early after Argentina finished at the bottom of the standings, especially since many of the Argentine stars who won the 1978 World Cup title did not appear in the tournament, so he was content at that time with scoring a single goal against Bolivia.

What is noteworthy in that version is that Maradona wore a shirt that he was not accustomed to, as he appeared with the number 6 with the Argentine national team, which is known as the number 10.

After missing the 1983 edition due to injury, the “Golden Boy” reappeared in the 1987 Copa America, which came only one year after winning the 1986 World Cup, but he was eliminated from the tournament in the semi-finals by Uruguay, in a tournament during which the Argentine legend scored. 3 goals.

In the 1989 edition, Maradona carried the dreams of the Argentines; But Tango finished third in the final group, letting the title go to Brazilian teamWhile Argentina limited itself to scoring two goals in the tournament, which came in the first group stage, without scoring any goals in the final group.

Argentina reveals its preliminary list for Copa America (Getty) Win Win winwin

As for the 1991 Copa America Championship, the Argentine national team witnessed the victory of the title after topping the final round with 5 points, from two victories and one draw, but Maradona did not win the title due to his absence from the competitions, as he was serving a suspension due to doping, and he also missed the 1993 edition due to internal disputes, namely The version in which Argentina won the title again.

In total, Maradona played 12 matches with the Argentine national team in the Copa America, during which he scored four goals without reaching the podium.

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