Copa America is a haven for Uruguay to take revenge on Argentina and Brazil

Uruguay, this small country whose area does not exceed 176 thousand square kilometers, is a major football country, having won the Copa America title 15 times and the World Cup title twice.

Geographically, Uruguay came between Argentina and Brazil, and this location made it vulnerable to harassment from the two neighboring countries, and its problems with them lasted for many years, but the geographically small country knew how to exploit the round witch, to take revenge on “Tango” and “Tango.”Samba“Mathematically.

Uruguay’s historical crises with Argentina and Brazil

The small country of Uruguay was coveted by its large neighbor, Brazil, or the Brazilian Empire – as it was called in the 19th century -, and the expansionist tendency of this empire pushed it to acquire Uruguay, which forced Argentina to intervene, because it saw Uruguay as its partner in the struggle against the countries of North America and Brazil. .

Uruguay won the 2011 Copa America title

The Argentine intervention led to the outbreak of a war in 1825 called the “Cisplatin War” between Argentina and Uruguay on the one hand and the Empire of Brazil on the other. The battles continued for three years and witnessed many victories for the Uruguayan revolutionaries supported by Argentine forces, the most notable of which was the victory in the naval battle of “Jhoncal,” which led to… The end to Uruguay’s independence in 1828.

After independence, Uruguay entered into a civil war between the white population, “Blancos,” and the red Indians, “Colorados.” Manuel Uribe, the leader of the “Blancos,” was a friend of the President of Argentina, which did not please the Colorado Indians, who turned against Uribe and entered into a war with Argentina that continued. For 13 years with the help of yesterday’s enemy Brazil.

The war ended with the victory of Brazil and Uruguay over Argentina, but the ambitions of the Brazilian Empire reappeared again, forcing Uruguay to enter into a war with it and with Argentina at the same time. This crisis did not end until the three countries signed the “Triple Alliance” treaty, thus ending the intervention of the two countries. The two big ones are in the affairs of their small neighbour.

Copa America is Uruguay’s opportunity to take revenge on Argentina and Brazil

Because of its lack of economic and military capabilities, football and the Copa America tournament in particular were Uruguay’s haven for revenge against Argentina and Brazil.

Uruguay’s victory over Argentina in the 2011 Copa America

“It has become ingrained in every player in the national team.”Celestial“The belief and idea that victory over “Tango” and “Seleção” is a sacred national duty, which led to the Uruguayan national team achieving many victories over its traditional rivals in the prestigious Copa America tournament.

The Uruguay national team holds the record for the number of Copa America titles won 15 times, shared with Argentina, and the “Celeste” revenge on “Tango” began in the first edition. For the ancient championship Which was held in 1916, with him winning the title at the expense of Argentina.

The Uruguay team repeated its sporting revenge on Argentina 9 more times, winning the title 10 times out of 15 at the expense of the “Tango” team.

The Brazilian national team was not spared the revenge and brutality of Uruguay in the Copa America, where “Celeste” won two titles at the expense of “Samba”, thus repaying the debt of “injustice” that it was subjected to by the two neighbors by winning 12 titles in the Copa out of 15 on the backs of its neighbors and traditional rivals. .

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The Uruguay national team took advantage of its great football strength in the first half of the twentieth century, to teach the Argentine and Brazilian national teams two lessons that they will never forget in the World Cup as well, after winning the first edition of the World Cup in 1930 in the final against Argentina, and it also defeated Brazil in the famous “Maracana” stadium. In the 1950 World Cup final, he won the world title for the second time in its history, causing an entire country to enter a spiral of sorrow.

Returning to the present, the Uruguay national team will participate in the 2024 Copa America in the United States of America, and it aspires to repeat the achievements of the past, and win a title that has been absent from its coffers since 2011, led by a new generation of players, led by Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo, Real Madrid midfielder Fede Valverde, and Liverpool striker Darwin Nuñez, under the leadership of… Expert Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa.

“The Celeste” will compete in the Copa America 2024 group stage in the third group, alongside the teams of the United States of America, Panama, and Bolivia.

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