Confident about returning to the Premier League after 20 years

Egyptian star Mohamed Elneny (31 years old) feels confident in his ability to lead a team named “Elneny” to participate in the English Premier League football championship.Premier League“.

Mohamed Elneny had previously established a small football club in England, called “Elneny”. According to the Egyptian midfielder, his fledgling team will be able to achieve tangible successes in the coming years, as long as the pace of work and development continues.

Mohamed Elneny left Arsenal at the end of the season, and the Egyptian international is expected to announce his next destination within days. The media links him to the possibility of joining one of the major Saudi clubs, or returning to the Turkish Super League.

But Mohamed Elneny confirmed that his experience in the Premier League did not end with his departure from Arsenal. As he aspires Egyptian star To participate in the local tournament, receiving his small club.

Mohamed Elneny: I will return to the Premier League

Mohamed Elneny said, in press statements highlighted by the website, “Football LondonEnglish speaker: “Some people don’t get the idea, but I like to dream, so I need good people around me.”

Elneny indicated that he would instill the idea of ​​a “dream” in his team’s players, stressing that he aims to advance the club to the English Premier League one day.

Elneny bids farewell to Arsenal fans with a touching message (X/@ElNennY) Winwin

Mohamed Elneny added: “It may take 15 or 20 years, but we are aiming for what we want to be. I love to dream. I will work every day for Elneny’s football team.”

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Elneny had previously confirmed that his team’s name, “Elneny,” was temporary, indicating that he wanted to use this name at the beginning of the project, to give him some fame and spread.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Elneny left Arsenal, after playing 161 matches with the London team in various tournaments, contributing 16 goals (scoring 6 goals and providing 10 assists), based on data from the global “Transfer Market” website.

Elneny won 3 titles with Arsenal. With two titles in the FA Shield (formerly the Charity Shield), and one title in the FA Cup.

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