Condition hinders Iraqi defender’s move to Slovenian league

The transfer deal for the Iraqi youth team defender is approaching Adam Talib He joined the ranks of the Slovenian Maribor team after stumbling, after undergoing a short training experience with them, in preparation for moving to the team’s ranks in the current summer transfers.

Sources close to the player told “win winTorino defender, Iraqi Adam Talib, underwent a test in the training of the Slovenian Maribor team in order to move to its ranks in the current summer transfers, especially since the player no longer wants to continue with the Torino youth team, despite the fact that he moved to it last January.

The player agreed to the Maribor tests because he is looking forward to playing in the first team of the Slovenian club, but Maribor coach Marko Schuler has not yet decided whether he wants to include the player or not, as the coach wants to test him for a longer period of time or perhaps include him in the youth team or resort to the option of contracting him and granting him a loan to another Slovenian team, as the coach’s decision will be determined in the coming few days.

Iraqi star Adam Talib is looking for a new team

The sources noted that Adam Talib’s agent (18 years old) set a condition in his negotiations with Maribor, that Adam Talib be in the first team ranks, and if that does not happen, the player will look for a next destination and the negotiations will not be completed. Things are heading towards searching for another team for the Iraqi defender away from Maribor.

The same source stated that Taleb’s agent is also marketing the player in three other European leagues, namely the Italian, Dutch and Portuguese leagues. Adam Taleb may agree to undergo new tests with another club in the coming period in order to achieve his dream of playing with the first teams and one of the important European clubs.

Iraq defender

The Iraqi youth team player recently experienced a major shock due to his name being removed from the list of the Iraqi Olympic team participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics and the name of Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya defender Saad Natiq (33 years old) being added instead of him.

The young Iraqi defender has previously played 12 matches with the Iraqi youth team, including the 2023 Asian Cup and World Cup.

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