Colombia stops Brazil.. Randomness has benefits sometimes and a different man!

Colombia maintained their lead in Group D in Copa America…after drawing with runner-up Brazil with one goal each, during the match that took place between the two teams that qualified together, leaving regret for Costa Rica, which did its best and reached the fourth point after its victory over Paraguay.

The match was strong and equal, and the presence was prominent. Colombian national team Physical strength and ability to show a strong reaction after conceding the opening goal from Raphinha.

Randomness has its benefits sometimes!

And in the case of Rafinha, randomness sometimes has some benefits. It was strange that the Brazilian coach decided to bench Savio and return Rafinha to the starting lineup again.

Savio has been one of the most important elements of the Selecao since he came on as a substitute in the first match and made a great movement, which makes randomness or his being less of a star the only explanation for the return of the Barcelona winger to the starting lineup.

But it was Rafinha who ultimately scored Brazil’s goal and he almost scored from another direct free kick in the second half, a great shot that Colombian goalkeeper Camilo Vargas failed to keep out before it entered the net.

Otherwise, Rafinha was put in one-on-one situations more than once, without succeeding in getting past Colombia’s left-back Machado, who had an excellent game overall.

The truth is that it is not only about Rafinha, but the individualism in the Brazilian national team has become something annoying, especially in terms of its excess, and when you see it in excess, its explanation most likely lies in the lack of passing options.

different man

The match was very fast and strong, the pace was very high, the physical attacks were great and sometimes dangerous, with several stops for quarrels between the players with a lot of provocation.

One man was singing alone and playing with a calmer style and with vision and wisdom and that was James Rodriguez, the man who sent in many accurate crosses that put the Samba goalkeeper and his defense in a difficult position.

James was keen to send crosses in the area between the two sides, which makes them very dangerous, just waiting for someone to touch them to put them in the net, and one of them did it, Davinson Sanchez, but the VAR technology canceled the goal, and John Cordoba also caught two crosses, one from a moving play and the other from a corner, and he almost scored in both of them.

The Colombian playmaker’s vision of the corners of the pitch is a joy to behold, and his switch to the left of Machado was tiring for the Brazilians while Brazil’s quarter-final opponents will thank him for sending Vinicius Junior on a new yellow card and missing the game.

Who needs another goal?

While Brazil was supposed to be looking to score a second goal, Colombia was the most dangerous side on Brazil’s goal and wasted the most opportunities even after scoring the equaliser.

Messi in Copa America

Only the last ten minutes showed signs of Brazilian desire to score, but until the 84th minute Colombia was wasting incredible opportunities, even Boro wasting a very easy chance to score the second goal after a low cross in which he sent the ball over the empty goal, and before that Boro had played a cross that rebounded to Pascal who played it weakly from close range into the goalkeeper’s hands.

The truth is that the physical difference was clear in favor of Colombia, which played without any inferiority complex or any fear of Samba team Which found itself forced to face a completely different style of play, during which the front three retreated to the defense, with Lucas Paqueta joining the midfield duo, all of which were carried out with less quality execution, and in a way that did not suit these dangerous Colombian attacks.

Did Brazil deserve a penalty?

The referee waited nearly two minutes to hear VAR’s opinion on one of the balls in which Vinicius Junior was subjected to interference from Colombia defender Daniel Muñoz.

The shot showed Vinicius Junior playing the ball with his left foot before Munoz tackled him and obstructed him, preventing him from penetrating further into the penalty area, but the referee did not indicate anything.

Another controversial move was in Davinson Sanchez’s goal, as it is not known how the offside lines were drawn after it appeared that VAR may have drawn the lines on Jhon Cordoba who did not interfere in the shot. It is true that Sanchez is closer to being offside, but the drawing of the lines was wrong and could have changed things.

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