Clubs Association asks Cairo Stadium management to postpone closure decision

The Egyptian Clubs Association addressed the Cairo International Stadium Board of Directors yesterday after Walid Abdel Wahab, Chairman of the International Stadium Authority, announced the stadium’s closure for maintenance.

The head of the stadium authority sent an official letter to the club association, requesting the closure of the stadium during the period from July 26 to August 8 in order to carry out maintenance work on the field.

The Clubs Association requested in its letter to the stadium management to postpone maintenance work until completion. Egyptian League The year is scheduled for August 18th.

The association explained in the letter that its desire to postpone the maintenance work comes in light of providing opportunities for teams during the final stages of the tournament, during which the league title is decided.

A crisis erupts between the Cairo Stadium administration and Al-Ahly Club

A crisis erupted yesterday between the management of the International Stadium and Al-Ahly Club, following statements by the technical director of the Red Castle, Marcel Koller, in which the latter criticized the pitch, following the team’s last match, which was held the day before yesterday.

Kohler said in the match’s press conference: “His team always trusts to play all its matches at Cairo Stadium and they even fought for that, but at the moment the condition of the pitch has become very bad, and I do not know why the engineers do not repair it? But I am sad that the pitch has reached this condition.”

Al-Ahly coach Marcel Koller

Walid Abdel Wahab refused to hold a match Alahli football club And its counterpart, Pyramids, at Cairo International Stadium, before he reversed his decision and announced the date of the stadium’s closure for maintenance.

Al-Ahly will face Pyramids on Friday evening, as part of the postponed matches of the fourteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League.

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