Club World Cup 2025.. Real Madrid wants its share of the “cake”!

The famous Italian Carlo Ancelotti, coach of the Spanish team Real Madrid, announced the club’s decision not to participate in the 2025 Club World Cup in its new edition.

During his interview with “El Giornale,” Ancelotti estimated the value of Real Madrid’s participation in the upcoming tournament in the United States at about 20 million euros as a fixed amount. However, FIFA is yet to provide official figures due to the TV rights not being fully sold.

The rejection of the big clubs in Europe towards the proposed changes in the 2025 Club World Cup stems mainly from economic aspects. High-profile clubs such as Real Madrid are at the forefront of those opposing the proposed changes.

A newspaper report revealedcome onSpanish newspaper, Monday, revealed some numbers on which Real Madrid bases its doubts regarding the 2025 Club World Cup.

Club World Cup 2025…the money behind Real Madrid’s refusal to participate!

The Spanish newspaper indicated that Real Madrid received up to 140 million euros when it won the 2024 Champions League.

This is the maximum that can be obtained in this tournament, in which he played a total of 13 matches. Therefore, the financial cost per match was approximately 10.7 million euros.

The financial value Real Madrid obtained from its previous summer tours in the United States can also be used as another criterion. Real Madrid received 15 million euros for three matches it played during its tour in 2022 as part of the “Soccer Champions Tour” tournament, which had no sporting significance.

During the year before the Clásico in the United States, he earned 18.5 million euros. Consequently, he received between 15 and 20 million euros for playing three matches in the United States.

Club World Cup

The Madrid newspaper confirmed that this issue is not just a simple issue, noting that playing the 2025 Club World Cup in the United States has great importance and purely economic aspects.

She explained that United States of America It is the place that is currently witnessing the largest investments in the world of football. Studies indicate that American investments generate an annual income of 3.6 billion euros.

The newspaper concluded,come onIts report said: “These exemplary investments prove that money is still available and ready to enter the world of football. Therefore, in short, Real Madrid wants to get its share of the pie.”

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