Chabab Belouizdad players comment on winning the Algerian Cup

The players of the Algerian club Chabab Belouizdad agreed that winning the title of the competition Algeria Cup For the 2023-2024 season, it was a debt they owed to the club’s fans, after they lost the Algerian Professional League title this season for the first time in 4 consecutive years, in addition to the disappointment of losing the title of the last edition of the Algerian Cup for the year 2023.

Chabab Belouizdad won the Algerian Cup for the ninth time in its history, after defeating Mouloudia d’Alger 1-0 on Friday in the final match held at the “July 5” stadium.

By defeating Mouloudia and winning the title, Chabab Belouizdad reached the 9th title in the history of its participation in the Algerian Cup, becoming the most crowned team in the tournament, and breaking the tie with Mouloudia of Algiers And the capital club, the Union of the Capital, and the Entente de Setif, who have 8 titles to their credit.

Chabab Belouizdad players dedicate the title to the team’s fans

Chabab Belouizdad midfielder, Abdel Raouf Benguit, said in media statements after the end of the match, in response to a question about his feelings after winning the cup title: “We are very happy with this coronation. The final was not as easy as we expected, of course, but we succeeded in dealing with the circumstances of this match.”

He continued: “We have lost the title this season. Algerian Professional League In favor of Mouloudia Algiers, and we had to make up for that and compensate with the Algerian Cup title,” he explained: “That goal was like a debt we owed to the fans and we dedicate this title to them.”

He added: “This coronation is the result of the work we have done recently, despite the great pressure after losing the league title and our modest participation in the African Champions League.”

  From the match between Mouloudia d'Alger and Chabab Belouizdad in the 2024 Algerian Cup final

For his part, the former Algerian international, Hussein Ben Ayada, described this new title in his career as “special”, and stated: “I am very happy with this special coronation for me, because it is my first in the Cup competition”, adding: “We were required to make up for the championship title that we lost to Mouloudia Algiers and we achieved that.”

“The match was difficult and played on details. We maintained our focus throughout the match, which was one of the most important keys to victory,” he added. Regarding his close monitoring of Belaili and limiting his danger, he explained: “As for the close monitoring that we imposed on Belaili, that is normal. Youssef (Belaili) is a great player and can make a difference at any moment, and we had to be prepared for that.”

As for the promising player, Akram Bouras, he expressed his pride after winning the Algerian Cup with his club and his happiness for the team’s fans, and stated in this regard: “I am happy for the team’s fans who lived through our failure last season in the Cup final against AS Chlef (1-2) and then our loss of the Algerian League title this season.”

He added: “Thank God, today we succeeded in making up for it and won the cup title. The key to winning the match was focus from start to finish. Final matches are won, not played.”

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