Celtics honors Mavericks in the NBA

The NBA Finals have been confirmed for professionals basketballon the superiority of the Boston Celtics, who did a good job of serving their guest, the Dallas Mavericks, in the first two matches they hosted at home and in front of their fans in the Grand Final series.

The Celtics won the opening match in the final easily last week with a score of 107-89, before renewing their victory in the second match in a more difficult scenario in which they settled the score 105-98 at TD Garden.

With this victory, the Boston Celtics advanced over their competitor by two wins to no response, and they only had two more wins to achieve in the seven-match series, to achieve a long-awaited coronation.

Despite Doncic’s efforts, a second victory for the Celtics in the NBA final

Despite the efforts of Slovenian Luka Doncic, who became the first player in the history of the Mavericks in the NBA to achieve triple double figures in the final by scoring 32 points with 11 rebounds and 11 assists, he stressed, “Green team“It is legendary again that he is the most likely candidate and that his brilliance did not come out of nowhere after topping the Eastern Conference and the overall standings during the regular season, then his brilliance in the “Playoff” by defeating the Miami Heat 4-1 and then defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-1 as well, before sweeping Indiana Pacers in the region final 4-0.

For his part, Mavericks giant Doncic acknowledged the superiority of the Celtics, stressing: “This is why they are the No. 1 team in the league and have the best record,” adding: “They have many great players. Anyone can shine.”

Doncic talks about the brilliance of Jrue Holiday by scoring 26 points with 11 rebounds in light of the suffering of Jayson Tatum, who was satisfied with 18 points after succeeding in only six of his 22 attempts, including only one of 7 from beyond the arc, but he compensated for that by achieving 12 assists with 9 rebounds. .

As for the other star, Jaylen Brown, he was more successful by scoring 8 of his 15 attempts, ending the second match in the NBA final series with 21 points, 7 assists and 4 rebounds.

Derrick White also stood out for the hosts by scoring 18 points in a match that the Celtics started poorly after failing in his first eight attempts from beyond the arc, which allowed the Mavericks to control the first quarter from start to finish (28-25).

Tatum did not score any points in the first quarter, and ended the first half with only five points, yet his team entered the halftime break with a 54-51 lead. The Celtics continued to suffer from beyond the arc and were only scoring 5 out of 30 attempts when Payton Pritchard ended the third quarter with a wonderful basket from midfield, giving the hosts an 83-74 lead.

The Boston Celtics are off to a perfect start in the NBA Finals series

Despite the attempts of the Mavericks, who relied entirely on Doncic in light of the modest performance of Kyrie Irving (16 points), who suffered his twelfth consecutive defeat against his former team, the Celtics maintained their advantage until the end.

The series now moves to Dallas, where the third and fourth games will be held Wednesday and Friday. The Mavericks’ task seems difficult in the NBA final, especially since the Celtics did not lose any of the matches they played away from home in the “Playoff” this season.

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