“Cat” sows optimism in Tajikistan’s training before meeting Jordan!

A cat broke into the final training of a national team Tajikistan He is engaged in an intensive camp in the Qatari capital, Doha, in preparation for facing his host, the Jordanian national team, next Thursday at Amman International Stadium, in the fifth round of the Asian qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup.

The pictures broadcast by the Tajikistan Federation website showed the players petting the cat that broke into the training, and planted moments of optimism and joy after the arduous training that the team underwent over the past days.

A cat makes the event in Tajikistan training (facebook/fft.tj)

The Tajikistan national team will finish its training today, Saturday, in Qatar, and will leave tomorrow, Sunday, heading to the capital, Amman, in preparation for facing Jordan.


The Tajikistan national team is aware of the importance of the match with Jordan, especially since the first leg ended in a 1-1 draw, and therefore victory is the surest way to qualify for the third round of the qualifiers.

The Tajikistan national team is in third place with 5 points, and it has a match remaining with Jordan, after which it will host Pakistan on June 11.

The Pakistan national team’s match points are almost guaranteed, as it is out of the calculations and is considered a picnic station, as it sits at the bottom of the standings without any point. In fact, the Tajikistan national team beat it on its home soil and among its fans with a score of 6-1.

The Tajikistan national team is certain that its hope of qualifying is to win the match against Jordan, while a draw will keep its hopes alive, and this will be linked to the result of the last match between its rival, Jordan, and its host, Saudi Arabia, who currently leads the standings with 10 points.

The Saudi team has largely guaranteed its qualification, as it will be a guest on Thursday against Pakistan, and if it wins, it will officially decide the qualification, and keep the struggle for the second ticket between Jordan and Tajikistan.

The most important opportunity for Jordan

The Nashama team continued its intensive training away from the media, with the aim of raising the concentration indicator, out of its belief in the importance of the Tajikistan meeting. The Jordanian national team is in second place with 7 points, and its victory over Tajikistan means that it officially qualifies, and will make its last match against its Saudi host less important.

The truth about Al-Taamari’s readiness to face Tajikistan (Facebook/JordanFootball) One Win winwin

The Nashama team had faltered at the beginning of the qualifiers, as it tied with Tajikistan 1-1, then lost at home to Saudi Arabia with a score of 0-2, and only achieved victory over the Pakistan team back and forth (3-0) and (7-0).

Jordan will be required to achieve victory over Tajikistan or Saudi Arabia at the very least to secure its qualification, but the next match against Tajikistan appears to have a greater chance of achieving victory, given that the star players will play this match in their home country and among their fans, while the last match will be away from home and against the green leaders, Saudi Arabia.

like that; The Nashama team is technically better than its Tajik rival, as it recently won the Asian Cup, which was held in Qatar, with a clean goal.

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