Casas proved that he is a “universal” with this decision

The Iraqi coach, Abdul-Ilah Abdul Hamid, described the Spanish coach, Jesus Casas, the Iraqi national team’s coach, as “world-class,” because of one of his decisions in his matches with the “Lions of Mesopotamia” in the double Asian qualifiers.

And he was able The Iraqi national team Achieving a full mark in the double Asian qualifiers, qualifying for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup, after achieving a full mark in five consecutive matches.

Abdul Hamid told…win win that “Spanish coach He changed the name of the second half from the coaches’ half to the skilled players’ half, because the coach read the Iraq-Indonesia match well, and succeeded in defeating his opponent with correct substitutions and decisions, which contributed to achieving the victory that the Iraqi team was looking for.”

He added, “Casas is facing criticism from some analysts and coaches on sports programs, and in press statements, everyone is talking about the lineup, and that Casas started in an inappropriate way – according to their point of view – and they did not take into account the nature of the match, given that it was held in the opponent’s stadium and in the presence of a large crowd.” In addition to his ambition to win for the purpose of qualifying.”

He continued, saying: “It is natural for any coach to choose and focus at the beginning of the match on conservative play, and not to risk giving way to the team aspiring to score a goal that will raise its morale. If that happens, it will make the task difficult for Iraq. Therefore, it is self-evident that it retains some of its skilled players who are influential offensively.” For the second half.”

He continued: “Casas postponed the involvement of Ali Jassim and Youssef Amin, as he adopted them as trump cards, after the competitor’s desire to advance with the result was affected and weakened, and his fitness performance began to gradually deplete. This is not in defense of Casas, but with the decision he took to delay the involvement of Youssef Amin and Ali Jassim, he proved that he is a coach.” Universal, because he earned full points with minimal efforts.”

Spaniard Casas, coach of the Iraqi national team

He pointed out that “the Iraqi national team will play in a more aggressive manner against Vietnam, especially since the match will be held in Basra and in front of a crowd that may reach 65,000 spectators. Here, Casas will prove once again that he is a coach who is good at dealing with different competitors in different circumstances.”

It is noteworthy that Iraq’s next competitor, the Vietnamese team, hopes to win against Iraq in the expected match on Tuesday, with Indonesia losing to the Philippines, in order to be able to qualify for the decisive stage of the Asian qualifiers, and also to reserve a seat in the 2027 Asian Cup in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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