Casas makes a new decision regarding Bashar Resan

The Spanish took Jesús Casasthe coach of the Iraqi national team, made a new decision regarding his team’s player, Bashar Resan, before playing against Vietnam tomorrow, Tuesday.

The Iraqi national team will face its Vietnamese counterpart at Basra International Stadium in the sixth round of the tournament Asian qualifiers Double qualifying for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.

Bashar Rassan receives a new opportunity

The sources told…win win The “coach The Iraqi national teamJesús Casas decided to give Bashar Resan a great opportunity to play in tomorrow’s match against Vietnam, as the coach is thinking of including him as a main player in the match for several reasons, including that Resan usually shines in Basra.

She added: “Casas wants to invest in the large crowd attendance in order to give Bashar Resan the opportunity to respond to his critics by giving a good performance in the match, which is what the Spanish coach expects. Therefore, if he plays well, the fans will applaud him and it will be the best response to every voice that criticizes the player.”

She noted that “Casas wants Bashar Resan in the Iraqi national team in the coming period. The Spanish coach does not think at all about excluding him because he is completely convinced of his levels and the way he plays, which he finds very suitable for his plan,” indicating that “Rassan is one of the players who secured their place on the Iraqi list in the decisive Asian qualifiers.” “.

She continued, “Casas has almost settled on his team’s players for the decisive qualifiers, as he finds that the current list is the most appropriate while giving opportunity and confidence to the new players, as well as waiting for the levels of the Iraqi Olympic team players in the Olympics in the hope of strengthening the list with new players in the decisive Asian qualifiers.”

The Asian qualifiers for the World Cup include 36 teams divided into nine groups, with each group including four teams competing in a divided round-robin system. The first two teams from each group qualify for the third round of the World Cup qualifiers, and these teams receive tickets to participate in the tournament. Asian Cup 2027.

Iraqi national team training in Jakarta

In the third round, the 18 teams are divided into three groups, with each group including six teams competing in a divided league system of two round-robin stages.

The first two teams from each group qualify directly to the World Cup, while the third and fourth teams from each group move on to compete in the fourth round, in order to determine the last two teams to obtain direct seats for the World Cup, and the team that moves to the Asian playoff to determine the team that qualifies for the global playoff.

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