Casas is in the dock with the Iraqi national team because of this decision!

Spaniard Jesus Casas, coach of the Iraqi national team, is accused of making decisions that contradict what he declared to the media. This is despite his success so far in leadership The Iraqi national team In his first mission in the double Asian qualifiers, qualifying for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.

Casas led the Al-Rafidain Lions to achieve 5 consecutive victories, thus ensuring their place in the decisive Asian qualifiers and officially qualifying for the next Asian Cup.

Casas is accused of contradiction because of Bashar Rassan!

Saad Hafez told…win win “There is an opinion that says that Casas is stubborn in the Iraqi sports street, but I think this does not exist in reality. The reason is that the Iraqi national team is not a field for experiments at all, and Casas understands this matter. Therefore, in all decisions he makes, the coach is the first and last responsible.”

He added, “Casas gave every possible opportunity to the player Bashar Resan. Frankly, Casas made the argument against Resan. The coach gave the player an opportunity that any player dreams of, and supported him despite the criticism he faces from some Iraqi fans. I believe that Casas had previously done this with the player Ayman.” Hussein”.

He pointed out that the Iraqi coach fell into the trap of contradiction because of the way he dealt with the player, who received greater opportunities than other players who performed at better levels than him: “Casas condemns himself regarding the issue of his dealings with Bashar RassanWhen he takes him out and puts in other players, and you find them performing at better levels than him, here he must stop and compare why this matter is happening, especially since Bashar Resan started against Indonesia, but he did nothing.”

The Iraqi coach continued, “Although the Indonesia match was a win, the coach did not want to lose its points, and these are credited to him. He did not want to try many players because of the difficult atmosphere and the difficult field for the opposing team, so he included those who he trusted in their abilities, and who were among his starting lineup.” .

Iraqi national team training in Jakarta

He pointed out that “the coach will try out more players against Vietnam next in Basra. This decision is the most likely, because there will be comfort for the Iraqi team, as they will be playing in front of their fans, especially if Iraq scores early. Then Casas will give the opportunity to the new players.”

The Iraqi national team will face its rival, Vietnam, at the Basra International Stadium, “Gaz’ al-Nakhla”, next Tuesday, in the sixth and final round of the double Asian qualifiers.

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