Casas breaks his silence and reveals the reason for his rejection of South Korea’s offer

Coach came out The Iraqi national teamSpaniard Jesus Casas expressed his silence, revealing the reason for his rejection of the offer to train South Korea and continue with Iraq.

The Spanish coach’s contract with the Iraqi Federation continues until the end of 2026, as he was contracted at the end of 2022 with the aim of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Casas said in media statements: “The reason I rejected South Korea’s offer was emotional and because of my love for the Iraqi team. Federation President Adnan Darjal told me, ‘You are part of an important project,’ but not only because of that, but because many players sent messages and asked me not to leave and leave the team.” .

Casas: It is not time to leave Iraq

He added: “President of the Iraqi Federation Adnan Darjal He is one of the people who loves Iraq the most and is the one who gives me the confidence to stay with the Mesopotamian Lions. I found that it is not time to leave yet and I still have many goals that I want to achieve with Iraq.”

The Spanish coach continued: “I cannot make any promises regarding qualifying for the World Cup, but I tell everyone that I will work to qualify because there is a great possibility of reaching the World Cup in 2026. We achieved the Gulf Cup title (Gulf 25) in Basra and it was a gift to the Iraqi people, and I hope To guide them to qualification for the World Cup. Unfortunately, in the Asian Cup, things did not go as we had planned, and after the expulsion of striker Ayman Hussein against Jordan, we lived the shock in all its details.”

Regarding the non-calling of the players Muhammad Qasim and Hassan Abdel Karim “Quqia,” Casas confirmed, saying: “I do not have a personal problem with the Najaf player, Muhammad Qasim, and my message to him and to the Al-Zawraa player Qokiya is that you must continue to provide a good level in order to be with the Iraqi national team in the future. Qokiya, brother.” “It’s small for me, but I felt it was better for him not to come to the national team now.”

Spaniard Jesus Casas, coach of the Iraqi national team (FACEBOOK / IFA) Win Win Winwin

Regarding the situation of Norwegian Sandefjord professional Danilo Al-Saad, Ben Casas said: “I do not have any problem with the player Danilo Al-Saad. I just felt that he needed psychological rest and he was not feeling well in the Asian Cup and that is all that matters.”

He added: “The player, Bashar Resan, is one of the best players in Iraq. Despite this, he is always attacked by some people, but this is something we have become accustomed to, and this was the case before the start of the Asian Cup in Qatar 2024, when the Iraqi fans criticized Ayman Hussein, while he was… Iraq’s top scorer in the tournament.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi national team secured its lead in Group Six in the double Asian qualifiers by scoring 12 points in four matches.

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