CAF denies postponing the 2025 African Cup

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) refuted the… Official statement The news circulated today, Wednesday, regarding postponing the date of holding the 2025 African Cup in Morocco to the winter of 2026.

Today, the French newspaper L’Equipe published news stating that CAF has taken the decision to postpone the African Championship until the winter of 2026, that is, a full 6 months after its previously scheduled date, noting that the reason behind this is that the tournament coincides with the holding of the 2025 Club World Cup with the participation of 32 clubs.

The African Union was quick to refute the French newspaper’s news through an official statement published on the authority’s account on the social media platform (X). The statement said: “The news received regarding the postponement of the 2025 African Cup is incorrect.”

The statement added: “The CAF Executive Committee will meet in order to make a decision on the date of holding a tournament He was 2025, provided that CAF later publishes an official statement regarding this file.”

Full details about the rumor of postponing the 2025 African Cup

The news published by the newspaper “L’Equipe” sparked widespread controversy among football fans on the African continent in particular, as it was widely circulated, especially since it carried an official statement from the Secretary-General of CAF, where he said: “It is possible to hold the Cannes after the Club World Cup, but Will this be in the interest of the players who will play a full season and then go to the United States (to play the World Cup) and then return to participate in the Cannes?

Shortly after this news spread across various international websites and social networking sites, the African Union account quickly published a tweet in which it lied about what was reported in the “L’Equipe” newspaper, before that tweet was deleted about one minute after it was published, and a few minutes later, “L’Equipe” She also deleted the published news from her website, in an incident that raised many eyebrows.

CAF Champions League Cup mock-up (Getty)

The controversy continued on social networking sites because of what happened, and CAF published the same statement that was deleted the first time, and it contained in its lines a clear denial of the French newspaper’s news, and confirmed that the African Football Association had not taken any official decision regarding the date of holding the 2025 African Cup.

In recent years, the African Union has become accustomed to postponing the dates of its official tournaments for various reasons, as the last edition of the “Cannes” was not held on its previously scheduled date, and was held in the winter of 2024 instead of the summer of 2023 under the pretext of the monsoon rainy season in Côte d’Ivoire during the summer.

Starting from the 2015 edition, CAF determined that the tournament would be held in the summer, but that only happened on one occasion, and that was in 2019 in Egypt, where the tournament was held in the summer, while the rest of the editions were held between the months of January and February.

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