By an Italian coincidence… 4 stops from the great Algerian derby

The fans are preparing to watch a new version of the great Algerian derby, as the leaders of the local league table prepare, MC Algeria To face its neighbor and rival, USM Alger, on Friday, May 17, in the most famous and largest derby for the 26th week of the competition.

With thoughtful calculations, Mouloudia hopes to officially resolve the issue of crowning the current season’s title four rounds before the conclusion of the competition, at a time when Al-Ittihad is looking forward to qualifying for external participation next season.

The Algeria derby will be held at the 5th of July Stadium in the Algerian capital, amid a record crowd attendance as usual, as proven by photos of the crowds’ queues at the 5th of July and Boulogne stadiums in the early hours of the morning of Thursday, May 16, in order to purchase tickets for the match, at a time when observers of this summit likened the format to The content is what happened during the “Derby of Anger” between Inter and its rival Milan weeks ago, when Inter won the Italian League title in front of the eyes of the fans of its arch-neighbor.

The Algerian derby and Mouloudia’s big dream

Mouloudia Algiers, the leader of the Algerian league with 57 points, is seeking a confrontation Union of AlgeriaHe is looking forward to achieving Inter against Milan, even if Mouloudia’s crowning of the league title comes through its victory against Al-Ittihad, while its direct followers, CS Belouizdad and CS Constantine, were satisfied with a draw during the match that will bring them together at the latter’s stadium in Constantine Governorate, east of Algiers, and in the event of a result other than a tie, the Mouloudia will postpone its title celebrations to another round.

The Mouloudia Club of Algiers has not won the Algerian league title for about 14 full years, as the last title dates back to 2010, which highlights the great importance that the fans of the most popular club in the country attach to the Algerian derby match against Al-Ittihad, especially since crowning the title in front of the fans of the rival neighbor, will be immortalized. A huge crowd in the memory of the club’s fans for many years.

Historical superiority of Mouloudia in the language of numbers

The Mouloudia Club of Algiers is superior to its neighbor Al-Ittihad in the confrontations between them throughout history, as the Algeria derby on Friday will be the 115th match between the two neighbors, and the dominance returned to Mouloudia, which recorded victory in 42 matches, while Al-Ittihad prevailed in 32 matches, and the tie decided the summit on a full 40 occasions. .

The Mouloudia Algiers team scored 138 goals in the historic confrontations against Al-Ittihad, while the latter scored 123 goals. The two clubs are looking forward to scoring goals in the second leg of the Algerian Professional League for the 2023-24 season, after the first leg ended in a scoreless draw.

Al-Ittihad fans reject Milan’s scenario

For their part, the fans of USM Alger are waiting for the players of their team to wake up in the Algerian derby against Mouloudia, especially since the results of Al-Ittihad were fluctuating this season, and fans of the black and red colors will undoubtedly not accept that their team is the reason for giving the title to rivals Mouloudia of Alger, and they refuse to have the same scenario repeated with them. Milan fans who witnessed Inter stars celebrating the Italian League title in front of them a few weeks ago.

Youssef Blaili (right) with Baghdad Bounedjah, two stars of the Algerian national football team (faf) and winwin

What is strange is that there are many similarities between Al-Ittihad and Milan, as both teams carry the same colors, and Al-Ittihad fans always sing praises of the Italian club and its famous “San Siro” stadium, drawing comparisons and approaches between them and its beloved team, Ittihad Algeria, all of which are data that increase the specialness of the 115th derby.

Blailey to impress Petkovic before June camp

The Algeria derby is considered the last chance for Mouloudia star Youssef Belaili to convince the coach of the “Greens” team, Vladimir Petkovic, to include him in the final list for the camp next June in preparation for the matches between Guinea and Uganda.

Belaili is looking forward to leading Mouloudia to victory against his former team after he was a shadow of himself in the first leg between the two teams, at a time when followers fear that Belaili will once again deviate from the script in this derby due to pressure.

Belaili is on Petkovic’s expanded list during the June camp, but he has not yet guaranteed his presence in the expected 25 list, in light of the intense competition for his position, specifically with Yassine Brahimi, Yassine Benzia and Saïd Benrahma, which requires the MCA star to… “Redouble his efforts to return to the Algerian national team.

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