Brahimi comments on the Guinea match incident and responds to doubts about his injury

Algerian Yacine Brahimi, the star of the Qatari club Al-Gharafa, commented on the incident against Guinea and responded to those who doubted his injury, which will prevent him from participating in the match against Uganda, on Monday, June 10, in the fourth round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. He was the one who was subjected to strong criticism after the confrontation. Guinea, last Thursday, at Nelson Mandela Stadium on the outskirts of the Algiers capital.

The Algerian national team lost at home to Guinea by two goals to one, which left a storm of criticism against the Algerian national team coach, Vladimir Petkovic, and his stars, led by Yacine Brahimi, who scored the first goal for the Guinean national team, after missing a ball in the middle of the field, before leaving in the 59th minute of the match. Meeting.

attack Nelson Mandela Stadium fans The former Portuguese star of Porto after the end of the match, and prevented him from even making statements to the exclusive broadcaster of the Algerian national team’s matches (state television) after the match, as she forcefully responded, “Brahimi, leave,” which angered the latter and prompted him to quickly leave the field.

Brahimi comments on the strong criticism he was subjected to

The “Greens” star said in an interview with the Algerian Football Federation channel on the “YouTube” platform, commenting on the loss to Guinea: “We are very disappointed and not happy with our loss, and as I said on several occasions we have to bear our responsibility,” adding: “It was not an easy match against… “Guinea is a strong team, but we are men and we like to keep our heads up.”

He continued: “There is an important match on Monday that we know will not be easy. We were not able to find solutions to win the last match, and I am the first among them, so we must bear responsibility, acknowledge that and continue working.” He explained: “We are in a stage of renewal and facing new challenges.”

Before he spoke about what happened at Nelson Mandela Stadium and the anger of the fans, he said: “First of all, I would like to say thank you for the reception in the stadium and their support for us.” He stressed: “We will say that we need them, and with their solidarity we will do great things together.” He explained: “And that promises “It is acceptable (the fans’ behavior towards him), as we represent Algeria and as players on the field we were the first to feel disappointment after the defeat.”

He sent a message to the fans in which he said: “We must remain united, and with all of us cooperating to represent Algeria, and through solidarity, we will achieve many things.”

Brahimi responds to those who doubt his injury

And he didn’t hesitate Algerian international In response to those who doubted his injury, which would prevent him from participating in the Uganda match, especially since some parties talked about claiming injury to leave the Algeria national team camp, after everything that happened to him in the Guinea match, he stated: “I felt pain in the back muscle during the Guinea match, which is a previous injury.” “I ran tests with the doctor and he told me that there was a tumor and inflammation in the muscle.”

Brahimi continued: “Of course, I feel sad for not being able to participate in the Uganda match, but I have full confidence in my teammates, and I will support them with my heart.” He added: “The Uganda match will reveal the reaction of the Algerian team, and we have a chance to quickly compensate for the defeat. The group is well aware of this and so is “Players,” and he added: “We spoke to the technical staff and exchanged conversations as players, and we will do everything in our power to win points in the confrontation.”

Formation of the Algerian national team against Uganda

The former Al-Gharafa club star stressed that the players are determined to compensate against Uganda, and called for the need to forget the match against Guinea, as he stressed: “The renewal stage requires time, but the team is determined to compensate in the next match. The problem is that when we lose, we do not benefit from anything positive.” “This is the reality of football.”

Brahimi concluded: “Once again I want to say that we bear responsibility and we must accept the consequences. We will continue to work because we have many things to improve,” adding: “We know that all Algerians have great ambitions, and we, the players in the first place, must be one hand.” My thanks to all who supported us and continue to support us, and God willing, we will make our people proud.”

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