Benzema is happy to visit Algeria and sends a message to the “Greens”

French football star and club Jeddah Union The Saudi, Karim Benzema, expressed his great happiness with his visit to Algeria after years of waiting and anticipation, at a time when the emotional bond between him and the country of his ancestors was strong, which he demonstrated through his statements or outings on various social media platforms, specifically during the height of the period of his exclusion from the French national team.

Benzema’s visit to… AlgeriaToday, Saturday, June 1, 2024, the event took place in the coastal city of Bejaia, the birthplace of his parents, where he was received by prominent Algerian sports and political figures, in addition to a number of fans who are fans of the player and international football.

Benzema, the star of the Saudi club Ittihad Jeddah – who is considered one of the most prominent strikers in the world thanks to his scoring skills and high technical abilities, arrived today, Saturday – at Bejaia Airport on a private plane, on his first visit to Algeria.

Benzema: I am very happy and I will watch the match between Algeria and Guinea

The former Real Madrid star said in statements to the Algerian media after landing at the airport in Bejaia Governorate, east of the Algerian capital, in response to a question regarding his feelings about his visit to Algeria: “I am very happy to visit Algeria. I will visit my family,” and he continued, smiling: “Being with the Algerians and sharing this… Moments with them make me feel very happy.”

The French star, of Algerian origins, was keen to confirm his support for the Algerian national team and to confirm his attendance to watch the Algeria-Guinea match, next June 6, in the third round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. He stated in this regard: “I will watch the Algeria-Guinea match, of course. I hope that the Algerian national team wins this match. Because it will be the first one I will watch live from the field.”

Regarding Olympique Akbou Club (belonging to Bejaia Governorate) achieving promotion to the Algerian professional league for the first time, and after setting a world record of achieving promotion five times in a row (from the fifth division to the professionals), Benzema said: “This is what I heard. It is a beautiful thing.” It is a good thing for them, and I hope they continue in the same way in the professional league.”

A rich program during Benzema’s visit to Algeria

Benzema’s visit to Algeria includes other stops. After the city of Bejaia, he will move to the city of Tiaret, and then to the capital of western Algeria, Oran (Bahia), before traveling to Algiers to attend the match between Algeria and Guinea, at the Nelson Mandela Stadium in Baraki, as part of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. Scheduled next Thursday.

From Benzema's visit to Algeria (x/eliktisadia) One Win Winwin

The parents of the former Real Madrid star come from a small village in the municipality of Ait Jalil in Bejaia Governorate, but Benzema has never visited this village, since he became a famous star in the sky of world football, after he visited it when he was young, unlike Zinedine Zidane, who visited. He returned to Algeria in 2006, before carrying out many charitable works in Algerian cities, including the village of Ouqmon, the birthplace of his father.

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