“Benzema is a major player.” Al-Ittihad’s plan to return to the podium

Saudi sports critic Adnan Jastiniah confirmed that French striker Karim Benzema must play a major role during the next stage within the club. the UnionWith regard to contracts and the selection of the new technical director.

Justina said through his personal account on the “X” platform: “For a better and different stage in the team’s journey, the CEO of Al-Ittihad Club Company should not contract with a coach except after consulting Captain Karim Benzema and obtaining his approval, and also leaving him the task of choosing players who will help him achieve success.” “What is expected of him.”

Spaniard Sergio Ramos was close to moving to Al-Ittihad in the 2023 summer Mercato

He continued: “He must be assigned the task of communicating with the recruitment committee so that it in turn contributes to achieving the goals of the project to sign big stars to whom huge sums were paid. This advice, if implemented, will have 5 useful and fruitful results for the club, which are as follows.”

Justina reviewed the advantages of relying on Benzema and implementing his vision, saying: “Firstly, benefiting from the stardom of a great player on the field after responding to his requests. Secondly, if his poor performance continues despite the fulfillment of his requests, it will appear to him and the public that the problem lies with him personally, and thus putting a final end to the excuses that were impossible.” “Last season.”

The Saudi sports writer concluded: “Thirdly, he will not enter into disputes with the coach and some of his fellow players. Fourthly, he will save large sums of money on the club’s treasury in place of a coach and players on whom Benzema puts his failure. Fifthly, the recruitment committee will be placed in a position of responsibility in the way of dealing with the player and will bear the consequences of the concluded contract.” With it and the consequences resulting from it, including searching for an alternative in the event of its failure.”

The recent period witnessed a state of anger among Al-Ittihad fans, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the player. Many believe that Benzema did not make a difference with the Al-Jeddawi team, and some demanded his departure and not to rely on him during the next season.

The 36-year-old French striker is suffering from a crisis of mistrust with Al-Ittihad, which he joined last summer via a free transfer, after the end of his contract with the Spanish giant Real Madrid.

Karim Benzema’s numbers with Al-Ittihad

Benzema was able to score 13 times during the 2023-24 season, and he also provided 8 assists in the 29 matches he played with Al-Ittihad, across all competitions, and he has 9 goals in his possession in the Saudi Roshen League Championship.

The French player’s contract with Al-Ittihad expires in June 2026, and his current market value is 10 million euros, based on data from the “Al-Ittihad” website.Transfer Market” Global.

Al-Ittihad had a very bad season with its veteran striker, losing all the championships, and the team’s ranking fell to fifth place in the Championship. Roshan Saudi LeagueThe club won its title last season 2022-23.

In addition to losing the Saudi Roshan League title, which Al Hilal Club won in its favor 3 rounds before the end of the competition, Al-Ittihad bid farewell to the AFC Champions League in the quarter-finals, and Al-Jeddawi Club also failed to obtain the Diriyah Saudi Super Cup title, in addition to being eliminated from the semi-finals of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup. The two honorable ones.

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