Belmadi’s departure opens the door for the return of the hero of the Omdurman epic

The Algerian Football Federation decided to appoint the former Algerian national team coach, Rabah Saadane, as chief coordinator in the National Technical Committee, which is authorized to prepare programs to develop… Algerian football In clubs and various national teams, through an advisory role that depends on expressing opinions and submitting observations before they are decided upon by the National Technical Directorate.

Saadane (78 years old), the architect of the Algerian national team’s World Cup participations in 1986 in Mexico and 2010 in South Africa, in what was known at the time as the Omdurman saga, which allowed the Algerian national team to return to participate in the World Cup tournaments after an absence that lasted 24 years, following a historic playoff match against… Egyptian teamHe returns to the Algerian Football Federation after his resignation and disagreements with Djamel Belmadi in 2018.

Belmadi and Saadane… behind the scenes of a crisis that ended the latter’s relationship with the federation in 2018

Rabah Saadane was forced to submit his resignation from the head of the technical directorate of the Algerian Football Federation in October 2018, due to strong disagreements with the technical director of the “Greens” team at the time, Djamel Belmadi, and the president of the Algerian Football Federation, Khaireddine Zatchi, and after Only 3 months after the former Olympique Marseille star was appointed coach of the “Warriors” team, Saadane accused the two men of marginalizing him and forcing him to leave the position of national coach.

Saadane made fiery statements during that period regarding Belmadi, in which he accused him of excluding him from participating in the FIFA conference and a meeting of national team coaches and officials in London for the 2018 World Cup. Belmadi responded to him during that period with strong statements, in which he described his former coach’s accusations as “madness, lies and delirium.” Before mentioning, by the way, his previous disagreements with Rabah Saadane, when the latter was technical director of the “Desert Warriors” and he was a player at the peak of his career.

ES Setif is preparing for a busy summer Mercato after a disappointing season (Facebook/officielESSETIF) Winwin

The relationship between the two men did not improve over the past years, which caused a delay in Saadane’s return to the Algerian Football Association, even with the departure of Khair Eddine Zatchi, and his succession with Charafeddine Amara and then Djahid Zvezif, before Belmadi’s departure opened the door to a return for Rabah Saadane, who He has a strong relationship with the President of the Algerian Football Federation, Walid Sadi, since they worked together for years at ES Setif and then the Algerian national team.

Saadane to prepare a technical road map for the development of Algerian football

“Sources said”win win“From within the Algerian Football Federation, the appointment of Rabah Saadane as chief coordinator in the National Technical Committee will not be in an executive capacity, but rather his role will be advisory and planning by preparing national technical programs and submitting suggestions and plans for the development of Algerian football, whether in the national teams or in the age groups of the clubs.” Algerian, specifically in the Algerian Professional League.

The technical authority of Rabah Saadane – as the Algerian Federation seeks to benefit from his long experience – will not be higher than the authority of the National Technical Directorate, which is led by Amer Mansoul, but the latter will be concerned with listening to the advice of the creator of the Omdurman epic and employing his advice and experience in order to develop Algerian football.

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