Belgium defeats Romania and confuses the “strange” group’s euro calculations

The Belgium national team achieved an exciting victory over its Romanian counterpart, with two unanswered goals, in the confrontation that brought the two teams together today, Saturday, on the grounds of the “Rheinenergy Stadion”, in the second round of Group E of the European Nations Cup 2024.

With this result, he was confused Belgian national team The calculations of the fifth group, after each of the four teams in it has 3 points, after two rounds of competitions.

The Belgian national team opened the score early, specifically at the 2nd minute after Romelu Lukaku received a ball inside the penalty area. He sent it back to find Youri Tielemans, who shot it in a wonderful way into the Romanian net.

Belgium prevailed from the beginning and controlled the course of the match, while timidity dominated Romania’s attempts, so the first half ended with the “Red Devils” leading by one goal without a response.

Belgium continues to excel in the second half

The Belgians continued to excel in the second half at the expense of their opponent, in light of the Belgian team’s desperate need to achieve victory in order to ensure survival in the tournament.

Romelu Lukaku scored a goal in the 68th minute before the referee ruled it out for offside. This was the third goal disallowed by a player in the tournament due to offside.

A shot from the Portugal-Turkey match (Getty)

During the confrontation, the match referee showed the yellow card to three players: Dodi Lukebakio from the Belgian side (35), Romanian duo Nikosor Pancu (59), and Marius Marin (65).

In the 80th minute, the Belgium goalkeeper sent a long ball that put Kevin De Bruyne facing the opponent’s goal, putting the ball into the net, scoring the Belgians’ second goal.

With this victory, Belgium rose to the top of Group E, and then fell Romania To second place, Slovakia came in third place, then Ukraine in fourth place, with 3 points each.

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