Belaili and Al-Ahly Saudi crisis | The first comment by the Mouloudia Algiers star

The new crisis between Belaili and Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia at the level of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has ignited social media platforms and the Algerian media during the past 24 hours.

Mouloudia Algiers star Blaili commented on the possibility of being suspended for an indefinite period due to failure to pay a fine he owes. For the Saudi Club.

Belaili and Al-Ahly Saudi crisis | The Mouloudia Algiers star comments on the case

And he said Star of Mouloudia AlgiersOn Wednesday, in an interview with the Algerian “Al-Hadaf” channel, in response to a question regarding the issue that has come to be called the Belaili and Saudi Al-Ahly crisis in football circles: “A great controversy has been raised regarding the issue, even though the matter is related to a very small amount,” and he explained: “ It is true that I was obligated to pay a fine to Al-Ahly Saudi Club and I did so, but some parties are trying to exaggerate matters.”

The Mouloudia Algeria star stressed that everything that happened regarding his case with Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia and the rumors and confusion surrounding it will not affect him, after some sources circulated news that he was greatly affected psychologically regarding everything that happened during the past 24 hours, and he stated with a smile: “All of these… The rumors and the campaign will not discourage me, but rather increase my determination… and I am completely focused on my team and completing the season.”

An unpaid fine sparked the crisis

On Tuesday, the Algerian commentator, Hafid Darraji, wrote on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “FIFA is writing to the Algerian Federation and the Mouloudia Algeria team, and requests that Youssef Belaili be suspended from playing until he finishes settling the outstanding dues problem with Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia, and thus he will be absent from the camp.” The Algerian national team is scheduled for the beginning of next week, and perhaps for the Algerian Cup final if it is programmed before the problem is resolved.”

In light of the controversy surrounding the issue of Youssef Belaili’s crisis with Al-Ahly and the possibility of his absence from the Algerian Cup final against CS Belouizdad, the date of which has not yet been set, the Mouloudia Algeria administration was forced to issue a statement late on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, to clarify matters and the truth about the player’s punishment. From FIFA and his absence from the cup final.

The Mouloudia Algiers administration said in its statement: “The Mouloudia Algeria club management informs the team’s loyal supporters and sports public opinion that it has received a correspondence from FIFA regarding the status of our team player Youssef Blayli towards his former team, Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia, and related to the fine that was imposed on the player in the case he previously lost.” Which the player pushed to the last half.”

The statement added: “This reassures the administration.”Dean“The team’s supporters say that the issue of Youssef Blayli’s crisis with Al-Ahly does not require exaggeration, since the matter is not related to an amount that was not paid, but rather a small financial difference representing the difference between the Swiss franc and the euro (370 euros). The administration also reassures that the issue will be resolved within the next 48 hours, God willing.” .

However, the Algerian journalist, after reviewing the content of the Mouloudia Algeria management statement, modified his post on Facebook and added another paragraph, which served as a message of challenge to the management of the capital club, saying in this regard: “As for whoever talks about a mere difference in currency between the euro and the Swiss franc, let him spread the FIFA message.” And we will see…”

Blaili comments on the news that he was not called up to the Algerian national team

Blaili was keen to send a direct message to the Algerian national team coach, Vladimir Petkovic, in which he announced his readiness to carry the “Greens” shirt anytime he wanted, in response to the news of his exclusion from the June camp, and said: “I am always at the disposal of the Algerian national team, if it is decided.” I will respond to the invitation at all times, and if the invitation is not extended to me, I will be the number one supporter of the Algerian national team.” He continued: “I am from a revolutionary family and I am honored to defend the colors of my country’s national team.”

Kaba Diawara, coach of the Guinea national team, threatens the Algerian national team (Getty) One win win

Blayli continued his indirect message to the “Warriors” coach, stressing that he is a player who loves challenges and is not afraid of pressure. He declared: “I am a challenging player and always want to win and win titles.” Winwin sources confirmed that Blayli was not included in the final roster of the Algerian national team to face Guinea and Uganda in 2026 World Cup qualifiers, although Petkovic had openly expressed his admiration for what Blayli did during the 2023-24 season.

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