Because of Youssef Belaili, Algerian league players rebel against clubs

A special source revealed to “win win“Close to the circle of player agents and news of the transfer market in the Algerian Professional League, many of the players in high demand during the current summer Mercato were keen to impose their logic regarding the negotiations and the financial salaries required, due to the star of the Mouloudia Club of Algiers, Youssef Belaili.

Blaili (32 years old) joined Mouloudia Club of Algiers last summer in a record and historic deal in the Algerian Professional League, breaking all the rules and customs of the transfer market in Algeria After his monthly salary reached 1.7 billion centimes, according to many identical sources, at a time when official sources spoke of a salary not exceeding 700 million centimes (about 40 thousand euros).

Youssef Belaili’s salary was distributed between a fixed salary, a signing bonus, and some other bonuses paid for by the financiers of Mouloudia Club of Algiers, so that this full amount would not be officially recorded in his contract, which is the data that turned the transfer market in the Algerian league upside down this summer.

Players and agents set Youssef Belaili’s salary as a criterion for negotiations

A source confirmed thatwin win“Players’ agents and the most prominent stars of the Algerian Professional League are now talking about Youssef Belaili’s salary as a criterion for negotiations with clubs that request their services. They do not accept the salaries they have been accustomed to receiving during the past few seasons, which did not exceed, at the highest rate, 400 million centimes (about 20 thousand euros).

The same source also stressed that most club presidents did not resist much and were forced to accept the new condition for player agents and even the players themselves, especially for clubs financed by large government companies, such as Mouloudia Algiers, USM Alger and JS Kabylie, the most active clubs so far in the summer Mercato.

Circulating news about the possibility of Youssef Belaili returning to Taraji

The source continued to confirm that the current standard salary for most players ranges between 600 and 800 million centimes, in a clear indication of the inflammation of the transfer market in Algeria and its getting out of control, and this competition will be limited to only a limited number of clubs that have the capabilities to respond to the demands of the stars of the Algerian Professional League.

The first official reaction to the “ignition” of the transfer market in the Algerian League

The past few hours witnessed the first official response to the outbreak of the summer transfer market in Algeria, after some players signed for the clubs of Mouloudia of Algiers and USM Alger (Zakaria Draoui for Mouloudia and Elias Chetti for USM Alger), with two huge salaries, 800 million for the first player and about 700 million for the second player, which will direct the summer Mercato towards a terrible inflation in salaries.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club published Chabab Belouizdad The former president of the Algerian Football Federation, Charfeddine Amara, posted on his official Facebook account, a few hours after the sensational deals between Mouloudia and the Union, under the title: “For a Code of Ethics.”

He continued: “The player transfer market is on fire, agents are maneuvering, players are indifferent and those in charge of recruitment, consciously or unconsciously, are paying!” He stressed: “As for the actions, gestures and statements of those active in football, most of them are characterized by slander, accusations and verbal violence.”

He explained: “As for the supporters, they are only guided by the results of their clubs, and they demand bringing in the best players and coaches without the slightest awareness of the financial and social limits in that,” adding: “As for the media and social networking sites, they are fanning the flames and fanning the flames,” before concluding: “Where are we going?..?.. Enacting a code of ethics for football has become an urgent necessity.”

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