Because of the derby events… Cardoso asks to leave Esperance!

Miguel Cardoso, the Portuguese coach of Esperance, made strong statements after the riots in the Tunisian derby match, which was held yesterday, Sunday, between… The African Club And its guest, Esperance Athletic, on the field of the Olympic Stadium, “Hammadi Al-Aqrabi” in Rades, ended with Esperance winning with a score of (1-2).

Esperance Athletic repeated its victory over its arch-rival in the coronation stage within Tunisian League Excellent, after defeating him in their last confrontation with an unanswered goal.

Cardoso confirmed during the press conference that what he saw today was not football, but rather “war” and dangerous chaos that threatens everyone’s safety, explaining that his assistant suffered a serious head injury due to the riot.

The Portuguese technician stressed that the atmosphere was full of smoke and tear gas, which made it impossible to play football normally.

The “shocked” Cardozo asks to leave Esperance

Cardoso expressed his deep disappointment, saying that he did not come to Tunisia to witness this chaos and this violence, but rather he came for the sake of football, noting that he asked the sports director of the club Taraji Riyad bin Al-Nour was allowed to leave the team as a result of what happened, considering that what happened was completely far from the spirit of sports and fair competition.

The coach also added that if the situation continues like this, things may lead to deaths, strongly criticizing the state the sports scene has reached in Tunisia, and expressing his dissatisfaction with the victory in such circumstances.

Part of a previous confrontation in the Esperance and Africain derby (Facebook/clubafricain.com.tn) Winwin

It is noteworthy that the result of the capital derby was in the interest of Esperance, which was close to regaining the Tunisian League title, as it currently occupies the top spot in the coronation stage with 20 points, 5 points ahead of its rival, US Monastir, which will be its competitor in the next round after the end of the international break, as it will be the team ” “Blood and Gold” needs just one point to decide the tournament, two rounds before its conclusion.

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