Because of Petkovic, Benchikha is implicating himself with the Algerian masses

Algerian coach Abdelhak Ben Sheikha caused confusion among the Algerian fans and followers because of his strange and contradictory statements at the same time regarding the coach of the national team. AlgeriaSwiss Vladimir Petkovic, who first criticized him strongly and was close to provocation, and then praised him and his training abilities, all of this in less than 24 hours.

The contradiction of the former coach of the Tanzanian club, Simba, left strong reactions among the Algerian fans on various social media platforms, who were surprised by the two contradictory media statements from “The General”, despite the difference in place and time. During his first statements, he was far from the Swiss coach, and in the second, he was at the Sidi Moussa Center. He met the Warriors’ coach.

Your daughter will not marry him.. Ben Sheikha attacks Petkovic because of Belaili

Abdelhak Ben Sheikha, the Algerian coach who won the African Confederation Cup title last year with the USM Club, made fiery statements regarding Petkovic not summoning Belaili and his justifications in this regard, where he said: “According to my opinion and in all frankness.” Blailey “Now he deserves a place in the national team.”

He added: “Blailey is disciplined or undisciplined. In this case, you are not looking for a player to marry your daughter to. If the player is able to provide the desired addition from him, whether by scoring goals or providing assists, why is he not called up?”

Ben Sheikha continued, criticizing Petkovic: “I was not convinced by the coach’s words. This is not a justification for excluding a player like Blailey from the team. I want to know the criteria that the coach relied on to make this decision. If there are other matters, the coach must reveal them. This is a very normal matter.” He concluded: “From a sporting standpoint, the player is very impressive, and he does whatever he wants on the field, especially in African stadiums.”

Bin Sheikha: Petkovic is a brave coach, and I will support him even with a smile

On the other hand, Ben Sheikha made statements to the official channel of the Algerian Football Federation on the “YouTube” platform, on Sunday evening, which were different from what he had said previously, as he praised the Swiss coach, on the sidelines of his participation in the training course to obtain the “CAF Pro” training certificate, which was training. The Algerian national team at the Sidi Moussa Center is one of its hubs.

Bin Sheikha said: “We met with the technical director (Petkovic), members of his technical staff, and the federation’s officials, and we were welcomed in a good way,” adding: “We attended the training session, and this is a precedent in the history of the federation and the national team,” before he commented on what happened between him (and the other coaches). ), and Vladimir Petkovic, saying: “The coach’s speech was rich and respectful. We talked about his technical project with the Algerian national team and we talked about tactical matters as well.”

He continued: “(Petkovic) did not leave any point untalked about. He answered all our questions with a broad smile,” and added: “He was very comfortable with us and the same goes for us. We thank the Algerian Federation for this initiative.”

Bin Sheikha is contradictory and calls for support and support for Petkovic

Bin Sheikha affirmed his absolute support for the former Lazio coach, saying: “We are ready to help the coach of our country’s national team, even if it is with a smile. We are ready to support him and provide him with a helping hand until our team qualifies for the World Cup.” He stressed: “We will provide everything the coach and the national team want in the future.” “The way to qualify for the World Cup, and then present a tournament at the same level.”

Ben Sheikha went further when he praised Petkovic, declaring: “Petkovic was brave in accepting the task of coaching the Algerian national team, because the timing was difficult,” and explained: “He came before the date of the fateful and pivotal match against Guinea in the World Cup qualification calculations.”

He added: “From this platform, I call on the fans to support the team and be patient with the coach (Petkovic) until we win the match,” before wishing him success, and stating: “I hope he scores positive results in the matches against Guinea and Uganda and that the results serve him well because they are the weapon of every coach.”

Algerian coach Abdelhak Ben Sheikha contradicts himself with provocative statements (X/Dailynewstz)

Ben Sheikha concluded his statements by highlighting Petkovic’s “good” intentions by planning visits to Algerian professional league clubs and meetings with their coaches. He said in this regard: “We talked about this issue, and we concluded that his intentions were good. He assured us that he preferred to get to know Algerian football and the coaches.” And the players himself, without there being an intermediary between him and the reality of Algerian football.”

This clear contradiction in Ben Sheikha’s double statements raised the astonishment of Algerians on various social media platforms, where they commented on them with different opinions, but with absolute astonishment about the change in position of the former coach of the Algerian national team.

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