Because of a crazy fan… Benrahma escapes Cristiano Ronaldo’s scenario

The Algerian international, Said Benrahma (28 years old), star of the French club Olympique Lyonnais, survived a serious injury after the end of the match. Olympique Lyonnais And Strasbourg, last Sunday, in the final round of the French League, due to a crazy and unintended intervention by a fan who took to the field after the end of the confrontation to celebrate with the Algerian national team star by qualifying to participate in the European League competition next season.

Olympique Lyonnais decided to win against… Strasbourg In the sixth minute of stoppage time, via a penalty kick, scored by captain Lacazette (2-1), ensuring that they occupy sixth place in League 1 and qualify for European participation next season after being in the first half of it, before Benrahma was included in the winter Mercato. Threatened with relegation to League 2, the Algerian player and his teammates celebrated this achievement madly amidst widespread public chaos, during which there was talk of attacks on some fans by stadium security and some members of the “Ultras.”

A fan tackles Benrahma from behind, and the Algerians speculate

Over the past few hours, a video has spread like wildfire on various social media platforms, showing Benrahma celebrating Olympique Lyonnais’ European qualification, before a fan appears forcefully rushing towards Benrahma from behind, before dropping him to the ground with a violent intervention similar to the one he performs. Violent defenders in major leagues, which threw the Algerian player to the ground before he expressed his extreme anger at the behavior of this fan.

The stadium security personnel rushed to catch this fan, who stormed the field, amid multiple speculations and conjectures on the part of the Algerian fans regarding the identity of this fan, and a large group of them concluded that he is an Algerian fan for several reasons, including that the city of Lyon is one of the French cities with the largest population of members of the Algerian community. In France, because the same fan was carrying a hat in the colors of the Mouloudia Club of Algiers, champion of the Algerian league for this season.

Benrahma escaped serious injury and Cristiano Ronaldo’s scenario

It can be said that Said Benrahma escaped a serious injury, given that the intervention came from behind and in a sudden manner, and in a moment of complete relaxation on the part of the Algerian player, who is awaiting important matches before the actual conclusion of the 2023-24 season, as he will be concerned with competing in the final of the French Cup, on the day of. Next May 23, against Paris Saint-Germain, he will also be concerned with participating in the Algeria national team camp next month, and the matches of Guinea and Uganda in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Many Algerians likened what happened to the former English club West Ham star to what happened to the club star Saudi victory And the Portuguese national team, Cristiano Ronaldo, when he was tackled in the ankle by a fan carrying a Saudi Al-Nasr shirt, during the match between Portugal and Bosnia, last October, in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, and that fan tried to take a selfie with Ronaldo, but stadium security intervened and a stampede occurred. As a result of the incident, the Portuguese star suffered an ankle injury, which he complained about but then succeeded in completing the match.

Benrahma caused the amputation of a finger to a West Ham fan

This is not the first time that Saeed Benrahma has been involved in an incident that links him to the fans, as in November 2021, he indirectly caused the amputation of the finger of a fan of his former team. West HamDuring the confrontation with the Belgian club Genk in the group stage of the European League, the “Hammers” were trailing in the score by two unanswered goals, before they came back strongly, and Benrahma equalized amidst crazy crowd celebrations, which caused the finger of one of his fans to be amputated when he grabbed the fence separating the stands and the ground. Pitch.

ES Setif is preparing for a busy summer Mercato after a disappointing season (Facebook/officielESSETIF) Winwin

Pictures of the rare incident were widely reported by the English media at the time, and the Daily Mail said at the time: “Benrahma’s second goal caused the finger of a West Ham fan to be cut off.” According to the same sources, a stadium security personnel picked up the finger that had fallen inside the stadium and returned it. To the stands of West Ham, in a photo that sparked unprecedented interaction at the time.

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