Asian Qualifiers | Qatar is facing an easy mission and a difficult test for Syria

The second round of the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the next Asian Cup concludes with a group of decisive meetings in the various groups, the most prominent of which are the confrontations between Qatar and India, Syria and Japan, Palestine and Australia, and Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

To calculate the first group in CompetitionsQatar meets India in an easy task for Al-Anabi, which decided its qualification early, waiting to determine the identity of the second qualifier between India and Afghanistan.

Qatar has 13 points in the lead, while India comes in second place with 5 points, Afghanistan comes in third place with 5 points, and Kuwait occupies fourth and last place with 4 points.

The Qatari team is at the top of the group, which may push it to rely on the promising ones, as it did in the previous confrontation, while the Indian team seems to be in dire need of victory in order to snatch the qualification ticket, while the Afghanistan team hopes that India will stumble and win over Kuwait in order to accompany Qatar to the next round.

Syria collides with Japan

For his part, he clashes The Syrian national team With its Japanese counterpart in the second group as part of the Syrian efforts to qualify for the third round of qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, in a difficult task for the Qasioun Eagles.

Japan occupies first place with 15 points, while Syria occupies second place with 7 points, North Korea comes in third place with 6 points, and Myanmar occupies fourth place with only one point.

The Syrian national team needs to win over Japan in order to guarantee qualification, which is a difficult task given that the Japanese won the first leg with a clean score, and the Syrians realize that they have put themselves in a real crisis after losing in the last round to North Korea, which in turn is waiting for the Syrians to stumble and win over Myanmar to qualify. On to the next round.

Saudi Arabia faces Jordan in an Arab summit

In the seventh group, Saudi Arabia meets… Jordan In an honorary Arab summit aimed at determining the top leader in the group, after the two teams guaranteed access to the next round of qualifiers.

Saudi Arabia occupies the lead with 13 points, Jordan comes in second place with 10 points, Tajikistan occupies third place with 5 points, and Pakistan comes in fourth place with 0 points.

Palestine challenges the Australian team

In the ninth group, the Palestinian national team will meet His Australian counterpart After the two teams secured qualification to the next round of the Asian double qualifiers.

The Palestine national team faces Australia in the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup

Australia occupies the lead with 15 points, Palestine comes in second place with 8 points, then Lebanon with 3 points, and Bangladesh comes in fourth place with one point, noting that the first leg between Australia and Palestine ended with an unanswered goal in favor of the Australians.

Other matches in the Asian qualifiers

The Asian qualifiers will witness other matches between: South Korea and China, Indonesia and the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore, Malaysia and Taipei, North Korea and Myanmar, Tajikistan and Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Hong Kong, Kuwait and Afghanistan, Lebanon and Bangladesh, Oman and Kyrgyzstan, the UAE and Bahrain, Iran and Uzbekistan, Iraq and Vietnam, Yemen and Nepal.

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