Arsenal coach reveals why he is proud of his players and responds to Guardiola!

Arsenal’s Spanish coach, Mikel Arteta, said he feels proud despite losing the English Premier League title.Premier League“, and the loss of the “dream” for the second season in a row, against Manchester City, led by its coach, compatriot, and teacher, Pep Guardiola.

Coach Arteta received special encouragement from the fans.GunnersAt the Emirates Stadium, during the last confrontation with Sheffield United, despite their frustration after Manchester City’s third goal against West Ham United (3-1), which was the result that decided the title for the “Citizens.”

It is not strange for the Spanish coach, despite losing the title, to show his smile and sense of humor after the match. Of course, he seemed sad because he was one step away from achieving the title, and despite breaking the record for the number of team victories, he is reassured that the team is on the path. the correct.

Arsenal coach reveals why he feels proud

On the field, Arteta thanked the fans, saying: “You believed in us and this project,” before attending an interview with the Spanish News Agency (Effy(and newspaper)come on) Sports, on the occasion of the end of the 2023-24 football season.

Arteta said: “First, I congratulate Manchester City for the championship… Of course, when you see what the players have presented since last December, and that after their loss to Aston Villa, they were not defeated in any other match, this shows the level we are at.”

He continued: “When you look at what we did, in other leagues you are the champion. We achieved victory in a large number of matches and came out with clean sheets in many as well, and we also scored many goals, but unfortunately this is what happened, but we hope that we will make a leap forward and improve our quality as a team.” “.

The Arsenal coach added: “You can always do more… You remember the games you lost and you don’t remember the ones you won. You are always required to be absolutely perfect. Especially in the best league in the world, I have been here for 20 years and I have never seen anything similar, no.” “The level of players, teams or coaches, what my players did deserves a lot of praise.”

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As for whether he felt more frustrated because he was close to achieving the title, or proud because of the work they had done, the Spanish coach said: “I feel more proud… Success cannot be described only by achieving victory, but rather what we are now and the development that we have made.” We did it and it was a success.”

He explained: “In the end, there is another team capable of doing what it does, but we also did something exceptional, something that has not been achieved in the 130 years of this club’s history, and it must be appreciated.”

Regarding the statement of Spanish coach Pep Guardiola, the City coach, that he has three certainties in his life, which are sleeping and waking up and that Arsenal will win the English Premier League, does Arteta see that the team is as close to winning as Pep sees it? The Arsenal coach responded, saying: “I have great hope in If so, I sleep and wake up with this hope.”

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