Argentine Lionel Messi admits to undergoing psychological treatment

Argentine Lionel Messi blew up a big surprise, and admitted that he had received psychological treatment during a period of his great football career, studded with titles and crowns, whether with the clubs he played with or with his country’s “Tango” national team.

Messi is currently active in the Argentine national team camp, which will compete in the 2024 Copa America, which is scheduled to be hosted by the United States of America in its stadiums during the time period extending from June 20 to July 14.

“and seeks”Leo“To win the Copa America title for the second time in his career after untying the knot and expelling the jinx, and he was able to win his title for the first time during the last edition, which was hosted by Brazil in 2021.

Argentine Lionel Messi received treatment with a psychiatrist

Argentine Lionel Messi spoke in statements he made to the “Infobae” website and reported by the “SportskeedaHe said: “I had treatment with a psychiatrist for a while when I was in Barcelona. I was very hesitant at first.”

He added: “I am a person who keeps everything inside me and I deal with the bad as well as the good. It was a very good experience for me. I loved it and it helped me.”

He continued: “I had to go (to the psychiatrist) before that. I saw that it was difficult for me to take this step even though I needed it. My family insisted that I do this because I needed it. I am a person who keeps everything inside me.”

Messi underwent treatment with a psychiatrist in 2020, when he was carrying a FC Barcelona shirt, and the “flea” experienced many joys during his football career, but he also lived through difficult periods, whether for his Argentine national team or the teams he played with, most notably Barcelona.

Dybala "fan" In Copa America 2024 (X/@PauDybala_JR) One Win winwin

Leo’s life has always been under the microscope like other world football legends, and after he revealed the secret of his treatment by a psychiatrist during his time playing with Barca, perhaps in the future he may reveal other secrets about his long career in the football stadiums.

Argentine Lionel Messi will be watched by football fans when he participates with the Argentine national team in the 2024 Copa America in the first group, along with the Peruvian, Chilean and Canadian teams.

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