Anthony Mandrea’s numbers… Petkovic is in trouble before meeting Uganda!

The Algerian national football team is facing a real crisis, before its upcoming match with the Ugandan national team in Group 6 of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, as Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic is in real trouble, due to Anthony Mandria’s numbers with the “Greens”.

The Algerian national team received Sudden defeat Against Guinea yesterday, Thursday, with a score of (2-1) on his field at the “Nelson Mandela” Stadium in the capital, in Petkovic’s first official match at the helm of the technical staff of the “Nelson Mandela” stadium in the capital.Desert warriors“He succeeded coach Djamel Belmadi, after his early exit from the 2024 African Cup of Nations.

In light of this result, the Algerian national team now shares the top spot in the group standings with the Guinea national team, with 6 points, three points behind Botswana, Uganda and Mozambique. Meanwhile, Somalia is at the bottom of the rankings without a score.

The Algerian fans reacted to this defeat, between those who held coach Petkovic responsible, given his unsuccessful technical choices, and those who blamed the players, led by goalkeeper Anthony Mandria, who received a large share of criticism, because of the easy goals he received in the match against Guinea. , especially since it has not been tested much.

Anthony Mandria’s numbers threaten his position with the Algerian national team

Returning to goalkeeper Mandria’s statistics and numbers, we find that the latter played 16 matches with the Algerian national team, during which he conceded 15 goals. 4 of them under the leadership of the Swiss coach (two goals against Bolivia in a friendly match and the same against Guinea). This has become a real concern for Petkovic before the match with Uganda.

Anthony Mandrea’s numbers, the current goalkeeper of the Algerian national team, confirm that he has not yet been able to provide the performance expected of him to compensate for M’bolhi’s absence, and it clearly appears that he is suffering from fluctuations in performance and a lack of consistency in level.

Vladimir Petkovic, Algeria national team coach

The mediocre performance of goalkeeper Mandria has raised concerns about his ability to perform well in big matches, where the pressure is much higher and the competition is more intense. In the last African Cup of Nations, for example, he played 3 matches, conceding 4 goals, and did not succeed in keeping a clean sheet. Even for one match.

As the match between Uganda in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers approaches, pressure is increasing on the technical staff of the Algerian national team, led by Petkovic, to find immediate solutions, especially since Uganda is not an easy opponent, especially after the sudden defeat against Guinea.

Anthony Mandrea’s numbers now threaten his continuation in the starting lineup of the Algerian national team, and force the technical staff of the Desert Warriors team to think about trying other solutions, whether by giving the opportunity to Mustafa Zaghba, goalkeeper of the Saudi Damac club, or even relying on USMA Algeria goalkeeper Osama Ben Bout.

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