An unforgettable night.. A new record in the Spain-Germany match

The exciting encounter between Spain and Germany in the quarter-finals Euro 2024which was broadcast on Friday on the Spanish channel “La 1”, was a great success in attracting attention and followers, as a new record was set for the matches of “The Matador“Since the 2012 final of the same competition.

Spain qualified for the semi-finals of the Euro, after defeating the hosts, the German team, with a score of (2-1), after going to extra time. On its way to searching for the fourth title in the continental championship, the Spanish team will face its French counterpart in the next round.

The newspaper confirmed thatMundo Deportivo“According to data from the consulting firm”Barlovento“This match recorded amazing numbers in terms of viewership, with the total number of viewers reaching 11.7 million, while the viewership rate reached 67.9%, with an average audience of 8,282,000 viewers.

This achievement made the Spain-Germany match the most watched of the “Matador” matches in the Euro Championship since the Euro 2012 final, which brought together Spain and Italy, and achieved a viewership rate of 83.4% on the “Telesenko“.

Taking into account all competitions, including the World Cup, this match was the most prominent since July 1, 2018, when Spain faced Russia and achieved a viewership rating of 72.4%.

Spain vs Germany.. The excitement doubles in extra time

Adding to the excitement of the match was its extension to extra time, where the number of viewers rose to 9,219,000 with an average viewership of 71.8%, making it the most watched and highest-rated broadcast during the Euro 2024 tournament and the entire season. The number of unique viewers during the match and extra time exceeded approximately 13 million viewers.

The match witnessed a climax at minute 20:37, when the number of viewers reached 10,019,000, or 76.6%, making this minute the “golden minute” of this match.

Spain beat Germany to reach Euro 2024 semi-finals

This great success was not limited to the Spain-Germany match, but extended to include the performance of the entire TV channel, as it achieved “the 1st“The rate reached 34.5% during the day, which is the channel’s best record since May 24, 2003.

In conclusion, the famous newspaper pointed out that this great success confirms the extent of the Spanish fans’ attachment to football and their keenness to follow the events of the European Championship. It also confirms the power of traditional television in attracting viewers, despite the challenges it faces with the emergence of digital broadcasting platforms.

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