An unexpected trick about the size of the Saudi League’s spending in the Mercato

Figures and statistics have shown the fact that the Saudi League has spent huge sums of money to sign new players, since the revolution it experienced. Local Championship There is the arrival of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo to victory in 2022.

Since the qualitative shift that the Saudi Roshen League experienced, officials there have been subjected to severe criticism after being accused of spending lavishly in the transfer market, which threatens the future of football and makes the game’s stars leave the prestigious competitions in search of money in Saudi Arabia; but the numbers showed the existence of a trick that led to the illusion that the Roshen League clubs spent more money than they paid to sign new players.

These criticisms do not seem accurate, and do not reflect the reality of what is happening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was proven by the “Transfer Market” website through the various numbers and statistics provided.

Great promises await Cristiano Ronaldo in the Saudi League

Since arrival Cristiano Ronaldo To the Saudi victory in 2022, the “Madeira Rocket” received clear promises, regarding a clear project in the Saudi championship, reaching the point of possessing high quality that makes the competition there one of the best championships in the world ever.

The numbers show that only 5 players joined Saudi clubs for fees exceeding (50) million euros, and 10 players reached the Roshen League for transfer fees exceeding (30) million euros. In contrast, (33) players joined the English Premier League last summer for more than (30) million euros.

The Brazilian is considered Neymar Jr. The only player who joined Saudi Arabia for a transfer fee exceeding (60) million euros, and the transfer fee in any deal in the Saudi League did not reach the barrier of one hundred million euros as happens in the major European leagues.

The above figures seem normal for major European clubs that often pay transfer fees much larger than the amounts mentioned above, but calculating the huge player wages in the Roshn League is the trick behind the belief that Roshn League clubs pay astronomical figures for fees to sign players from Europe.

Portugal duo Cristiano Ronaldo and Ruben Neves are among the most prominent stars of the Saudi Roshen League in Euro 2024

All of this reflects that what Saudi Arabia is doing are well-considered steps, and the process of paying high wages remains an important step in the beginning, before reaching the stage of establishing the Saudi League as an important global championship.

Will Saudi clubs spend big this summer?

What is certain is that contracts in the Saudi League will be more accurate this summer, as clubs there have begun to move towards younger players more than giant names, after Roshn League clubs spent (950) million euros last summer to bring in new players.

Last winter, Saudi clubs spent only (27.1) million euros, and when compared to other leagues, we find that this spending seems very little, as English Premier League clubs spent (137) million euros in the winter, while Spanish clubs spent (94) million euros, with French clubs spending (266) million euros.

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