An assault with weapons and the burning of a bus… shocking scenes in the Libyan League

The Libyan League witnessed a horrific incident after more than 9 players at least from Al-Khoms Club were injured yesterday, Sunday, after some of them were stabbed with knifes and others were beaten. The team was transferred to the hospital and medical center, and the injuries ranged from moderate to serious.

The team bus was also burned in the “Bivi” area in Tajoura, after they returned from their match in Tripoli against the Libyan Stadium team in Local league.

A cry of panic in the Libyan League

Ahmed Al-Arbad, Executive Director of Al-Khoms Club, said in a special statement to the website win win“The club’s mission was subjected to the most horrific forms of violence, and the damage is great, and the reputation of our Libyan football is at stake. I do not think that it has ever happened before in the world of football to plan to kill an entire team and its crews in front of people, and on the public road.”

Al-Irbid spoke about the health condition of the players after they were stabbed with a knife, saying: “Unfortunately, more than 9 players were stabbed, including the striker Muhammad Ayyad, Abu Karaa, Al-Madani and Diaa. Also, the Tunisian players Suleiman Kishk and Helmi Al-Juwaidi were stabbed, and their injuries ranged between moderate and serious.” .

He added: “Until this moment, no one has contacted us from the Executive Office, nor from the Board of Directors of the Libyan Football Association, despite the great extent of the injured person and the extent of the crime to which the mission was exposed. We thank the Ministry of the Interior, which is following up with us on the matter moment by moment.”

Tunisian Suleiman Kishk narrates the details of the attack

Suleiman Kishk, the Tunisian professional, spoke in class Five club For the site “win winRegarding the details of the attack, he said: “Dozens of fans attacked the team bus as it was passing through the Tajoura area, during its return from Tripoli on our way to Al-Khoms. The scene was horrific, and I have never seen it at football matches in my life.”

Libyan Swehli Team (winwin)

The people of the city of Al-Khoms closed the coastal road to the city, in protest against the attacks on the players of the Al-Khoms football team, a dangerous phenomenon in the Libyan League.

It is worth noting that Al-Khoms team lost yesterday, Sunday, to the Libyan Stadium by a single goal, in the penultimate round of the Libyan Premier League competitions, so that Al-Khoms’s balance stopped at 17 points, but it still has hope of survival after Al-Bashaer’s loss and Asaria’s draw.

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