An arbitration expert resolves the controversy over the match between Zamalek and Al-Masry

The events of the Zamalek match, yesterday, Monday, ignited the sports street after the refereeing events witnessed in the match between Zamalek Club against its counterpart, Al-Masry Club of Port Said, yesterday evening, Monday, within the framework of the 26th competitions of the Championship. Egyptian League Excellent, which ended with the defeat of the White Knight by 2-1.

The match between Zamalek and Al-Masry witnessed controversy over a goal not awarded to Saleh the White knightAfter Ahmed Mustafa Zizou shot the ball from a penalty kick, Ahmed Al-Ghandour, the match referee, decided that the ball did not cross the goal line in its entire circumference.

Former international referee Mohamed Abdel Fattah commented in exclusive statements to Menasa win win On the controversial situations in the match between Zamalek and Al-Masry.

Abdel Fattah confirms the correctness of the referee’s decision in the Zamalek match

Mohamed Abdel Fattah said: “First, with regard to the penalty kick that was awarded, Mahmoud Al-Banna decided to call Ahmed Al-Ghandour, and an unclear picture was shown that it was a penalty kick by handball, and the picture did not show the point of contact, and he was insisting that it was a handball, and the strange thing is. Al-Ghandour awarded the penalty kick due to an unclear picture, and from my point of view the ball is clear and did not cross the goal line, so there is no goal.”

He added: “Baher Al-Mohamady was present during the execution of the penalty kick and the penalty area line was penetrated during the execution, and then a penalty will be imposed on the player, and he will be punished if he interferes in the play and influences it, but the ball was played and it was not counted as a goal, so Al-Mohamady penetrated with the Zamalek club striker.” “It affected him and he played the ball, so the ball had to be repeated again.”

He continued, explaining: “There is no penalty kick, and the kick that was awarded is incorrect, in addition to the ball not crossing the goal line, and therefore there is no goal in the shot, in addition to the fact that it had to be re-executed due to Baher Al-Mohammadi’s intervention and the penetration of the penalty line.”

He added: “With regard to the shot of Abdullah Al-Saeed and Ahmed Al-Ghandour, the law describes the act committed by the player as confrontation or attack, so the decision here must be a red card, so the referee waived his right at this point as a result of direct behavior with the referee, and does not need to be reviewed.” “.

He continued: “Ahmed Mustafa Zizou He objected to the assistant referee, and I think the lip language was clear enough. In the 28th minute, he should have received a yellow card, especially since the referee was in a position that allowed him well to hear what the player spoke, and in the 38th minute, Zizou received a yellow card for cheating to get On a penalty kick, if you got the first yellow card and then the second, there would have been a sending off.”

Egyptian international Ahmed Fattouh, left back for Zamalek Club (facebook/ZSCOfficial) winwin one win

Regarding Atef Hussein’s shot, he said: “Jose Gomez attacked the referee. The Portuguese coach entered the field during the game, and it is assumed that the referee Atef Hussein spoke to Al-Ghandour and told him what happened, and a direct free kick and a yellow card are counted, but Atef took Gomez out and spoke to him, and the Portuguese went away.” To the referee and punch him in the chest, he should have received a direct red card for assaulting the referee.”

He added: “After the end of the match, reports indicated the possibility of imposing a fine on the technical director, but that must be written in the referee’s report, and the referee did not take any position against him on the field, so nothing will happen, unless a penalty is imposed by the disciplinary committee.” And take a penalty.”

He confirmed: “After the end of the Zamalek match,…EgyptianThe fourth referee became aware that everyone was talking about what happened. He told Ahmed Al-Ghandour what happened, and told him, “I did not speak to you because of the events of the match,” and this is a strong justification from the referee. Al-Ghandour’s response was that he would write in the notes in his report that the referee informed me of what happened in the locker room. Regarding what happened to him with the Portuguese coach, and accordingly he did not take any decision. If this happened, the referees themselves would be condemned, pointing out: The fourth official was aware that the cameras were directed at the field and that Gomez was not on him, and I believe that no one saw him, pointing out: The Competitions Committee The request for judgment will be rejected.”

He continued: “Mahmoud Al-Banna played a bad match between Zamalek and Smouha, and he was suspended, and upon his return, he played a bad match in arbitration in the match between Al-Tersana and Haras Al-Hodoud. He made mistakes in two penalty kicks in just 3 weeks. How can he be brought back from suspension in the match between Zamalek and Smouha for another match? For Zamalek Club against Al-Masry.”

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