Amora decides his destination by moving to the German League

Algerian international Mohamed El Amin Amoura was a club star Saint-Geloise The Belgian has a very large number of destinations during the current summer transfer period, by choosing the league in which he will continue his football career next season, after he has been in the news of the transfer market in Belgium for months, amid widespread interest from many European clubs and in major leagues as well.

Ammoura (24 years old) joined the Belgian club in August 2023, coming from the Swiss club Lugano for 4.5 million euros, and he was not late in emerging remarkably with the Saint-Geloise club, where he played with him in a total of 44 matches in various competitions, during which he scored 22 goals. He provided 7 assists and led him to win the Belgian Cup a few days ago, more than 110 years after the last title.

The former Algerian club ES Setif star has been on the radar of many European clubs, whether in England, Germany or France, and has been nominated, according to many Belgian and European media sources, to leave Saint-Geloise this summer for about 20 million euros, and is one of the most prominent clubs interested in him. We find Wolfsburg Germany and Brighton, England.

Mohamed Ammoura decides his destination for the next season

A private source told:win winThe 24-year-old Algerian striker has settled on his destination for next season and has chosen to a very large extent the club he will play with, unless a surprise occurs at the last minute. The same source who spoke to those close to the Algerian player stated: “Ammoura confirmed that he has made his choice in a clear manner.” Final,” adding: “He prefers to play in… BundesligaWhich he deems most appropriate to his potential and artistic abilities.”

He added: “It is true that some English offers were tempting and there is interest from Brighton, but Ammora is leaning toward the option of moving to play in the Bundesliga,” a source noted.win win“To Wolfsburg, the strong candidate to win the deal for the Algerian striker currently, given that it is the first club to submit an official offer to manage the Belgian club Saint-Geloise.

Although the same source did not reveal the value of the financial offer for the German club, for which the former Algerian international Karim Ziani played, he confirmed that the management of the Saint-Geloise club is determined to obtain a huge financial offer by bidding on its Algerian player, who is wanted by several clubs. Others are not prepared to accept an offer of less than 20 million euros.

Amora insists on leaving Saint-Geloise club

The Algerian international, who has shined with the “Desert Warriors” recently, after leading them to a 2-1 victory over Uganda in Kampala, for the match in the fourth round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, insists on leaving the Belgian club Saint-Geloise after only one year of joining it, not only After his glow and transformation into a highly sought-after star in the summer Mercato, but because of another shocking factor.

Amin Sheikha in the Danish U-17 national team shirt

The Belgian club had signed a contract with a striker from the occupying entity during the past few days, which is considered an early exit card for Gomorra from Saint-Geloise, given that it will not accept the association of this player, given his position and the clear position of the Algerians regarding this matter, and these are all data that confirm that Gomorra’s departure It’s just a matter of time.

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