Ali Jassim shocks the Air Force coach

The coach of the Iraqi Air Force team, Ayoub Odisho, was greatly shocked by his player, Ali Jassim, as a result of the fatigue he is currently exposed to.

Jassem suffered a bruise in his ankle in a match air Force In front of the border, he left the field injured.

Ali Jassim gets 3 days rest

Sources told…win win“The training staff of the Air Force team decided to give the player Ali Jassim a three-day rest, due to the fatigue and bruise he suffered in the team’s last match against Al-Hedoud, so that the player can regain his full health and fitness in preparation for the upcoming matches of the current season.”

Our sources added: “The player Ali Jassim informed the training staff that he was ready to train and play despite the injury; but the training staff insisted on his position that the player should undergo adequate rest, so Ali Jassim came back and told them that he would train in the sports hall, which made coach Ayoub Odisho shocked because he was surprised by the determination.” The player continues to play despite this situation.”

The sources added: “Ali Jassim is also undergoing rehabilitation operations today from the injury and is working hard to be present with his team in the next match against Al-Minaa in the 29th round of the tournament.” Iraq Stars LeagueTherefore, there is no worry about the injury he suffered, and there is also no worry about the player’s readiness, which will be in the best condition in the next match.”

And about the offers he received PlayerThe sources confirmed: “Ali Jassim is very calm now, and is focusing on finishing his season on a high note with Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, which is competing in the Iraq Stars League and the Iraq Cup. Also, he is eagerly looking forward to playing in the 2024 Paris Olympics.”

Ali Jassim, the star of the Iraqi Olympic team (The-afc.com) One Win winwin

Our sources continued: “Jassim feels that the Paris Olympics will be a milestone in his career this season, and therefore he will not listen to any offer until after competing in the tournament. Perhaps he will receive more attention from international clubs,” noting that Jassim prefers playing in Europe rather than playing in the Arab region.

It is noteworthy that Jassim plays for Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya on loan from the Al-Kahraba team, and he succeeded in winning the title of top scorer in the AFC U-23 Cup in Qatar after scoring 4 goals in the tournament.

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