Algerian Nabil Ben Taleb is in the hospital due to a health problem

The Algerian international, Nabil Bentaleb, the star of the French club Lille, was exposed to a serious health problem, as a result of which he was admitted to the University Hospital of the French city of Lille, on the night of Tuesday, June 18, where he remains for the second day in a row to receive the necessary treatment, amid clear confusion regarding his health condition.

Winwin sources confirmed that the Algeria national team star had entered intensive care due to a serious health problem, before Lille Club confirmed the news through an official statement published on its official website without giving details regarding his health condition, this evening, Wednesday, June 19, under the title: “Nabil Bentaleb.” “The victim of an emergency health crisis was taken to the hospital.”

The statement read: “Lille Club reports that Nabil Bentaleb was the victim of an emergency health crisis on the evening of Tuesday, June 18, and the player was immediately transferred to Lille University Hospital to receive treatment and received the necessary care. Lille Club is accompanying Nabil (Bentaleb) as much as possible during this ordeal.” “It offers him all its support and the club also calls for greater respect for the private lives of its players.”

Lille Club was keen to stress the need to respect the private life of the Algerian player, Nabil Bentaleb, after the various social media platforms were filled with many false news, guesses and speculation, and they spread like wildfire in the “social media” regarding the health condition and quality of the former English Tottenham star.

Nabil Bentaleb suffered from heart problems this summer

Nabil Bentaleb had moved to Lille last summer, coming from Honjes, but with a clear delay and needing the green light from the French Football League’s medical committee. At the time, the French newspaper “Ouest France” revealed (at the beginning of August) the star’s suffering. The Algerian suffered from heart failure, which was discovered during the medical examination related to his transfer, which made the Lille administration hesitate to officially sign the player.

Olivier Letang, president of Lille Club at the time, commented on the incident, saying: “While we are talking and taking into account medical confidentiality, we are awaiting the results of additional tests that the player Nabil Bentaleb underwent, and there are things that are not clear yet. There are also other things that the player knows and we are waiting for his response.” “.

Ben Taleb admits that he suffers from a non-serious heart problem

After the Algerian star underwent sterile and additional examinations, he received the green light for his rehabilitation, before Bentaleb spoke about that incident during the press conference for his introduction, and stated: “The doctor wanted to perform an MRI and we saw that there was a small inflammation of the heart muscle. I was not suffering from any symptoms. “So I was amazed, and it was hard to believe, but we trust and follow medical advice.”

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He added: “I could do muscle therapy, but anything that depended on the heart, or anything that made my heart race, I couldn’t do it. Finally, technically I could do it, but it was necessary to do as little as possible to facilitate recovery.”

As for the president of Lille, he said in this regard: “It was a worrying period because with myocarditis, you may have the risk of sudden death. You can imagine daily life for him. He showed an absolutely incredible calm,” and added: “There was a period when we were told “It can take up to six months. There was very regular follow-up, the first MRI showed significant improvement on August 4, then this was confirmed with another scan on August 15 and then the last tests reassured us on August 24, and we got the green light.”

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