Algerian League invests in the crisis of Tunisian and Moroccan clubs

The last hours of the summer transfer window in the Algerian Professional League witnessed the return of many Algerian players who were playing outside it, specifically in the Tunisian and Moroccan leagues, in a sudden change in the players’ compass compared to what was the case during the past few years.

A few years ago, many Algerian players preferred to move to the Tunisian and Moroccan leagues for several reasons, most notably the financial privileges they received there, compared to the stifling financial crisis that Algerian clubs were suffering from at that time, which deprived them of receiving their financial dues, before the situation changed in the recent period.

Some Algerian clubs have benefited in the past period from the support of large government companies that have pulled them out of the financial crisis, such as the clubs Mouloudia Algiers, Chabab Belouizdad, USM Alger, JS Kabylie, ES Setif and CS Constantine, which has enabled them to compete in the transfer market and divert many names from familiar destinations in the past.

Drawi and Ghaya Marbah and Shti confirm the new situation

The Algerian league witnessed the return of some players to Algeria during the current summer Mercato, perhaps the most prominent of whom are the stars of the Moroccan club Wydad Casablanca, Ilyes Chetti and Zakaria Draoui, who signed for Mouloudia Algiers and USM Alger respectively, in addition to the goalkeeper of Ittihad Tangier, Gaya Merbah, who joined the ranks of the JS Kabylie club.

These players were forced to terminate their contracts with their clubs due to chronic financial problems, as the duo Draoui and Chetti had not received their salaries for some time, and the players reached an agreement with Wydad to terminate the contract by waiving some of their dues and leaving for free.

Strangely enough, Draoui and Chetti negotiated with the managements of Mouloudia and the Union, in addition to the monthly salary, to obtain other financial compensation related to the money they gave up in favor of Wydad, in the form of a release fee that the two clubs would have paid if the players had not terminated their contracts with Wydad, which confirms the central reasons that made many Algerian players choose to return to the local league.

Hossam Ghasha and Tayeb Meziani are close to joining the Algerian league

Sources confirmed thatwin win“The return to the Algerian Professional League will not be limited to some stars active in the Moroccan League, but will extend to the Tunisian League as well, as the duo Hossam Eddine Ghecha, the star of the Tunisian Esperance, and Tayeb Meziani, the star of the African Club, are at the forefront of the interest of the strong clubs in Algeria.

The same sources revealed that the two players have reached a semi-final agreement with the JS Kabylie club for Ghecha, and with Mouloudia Algiers for Tayeb Meziani. The two players have large dues at their clubs, especially Meziani, who has not received his salaries for many months with the African Club.

Algerian League

Many observers believe that the return to the Algerian League will not be limited to players active in Tunisia and Morocco, but will also include some players active in some Gulf leagues, such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (First Division League), given that salaries in the Algerian League are currently high.

The financial crisis of Tunisian and Moroccan clubs serves their Algerian counterparts

The issue of the financial suffering of many Tunisian and Moroccan clubs directly served Algerian clubs, as the stars of the Algerian Professional League no longer see the Tunisian and Moroccan leagues as an attractive destination as they used to be, as the clubs there suffer from stifling financial crises that have prevented them from committing to paying their players’ salaries.

Many Tunisian and Moroccan clubs have lost many cases before the International Football Federation, related to their failure to pay their players’ salaries, a factor that has prompted many Algerian players to change their destination to the Algerian league, based on the fact that their salaries will be guaranteed with clubs classified as rich clubs.

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