Algeria will participate with 45 athletes and 15 disciplines in the 2024 Paris Olympics

Algeria has succeeded in raising the number of its athletes participating in the Paris Olympics to 45 athletes, thanks to the results recorded in the African Athletics Championship, which was recently held in the Cameroonian city of Douala, from June 21 to 26, after the competitor Zahra Tatar qualified, following her coronation with the gold medal in hammer throw and her advancement in the world rankings.

Zahra Tatar, the African champion in hammer throw, rose to 26th place in the world, according to the International Association of Athletics Federations, with a score of 1169 points, thus increasing the number of Algerian runners present in Olympiad Up to seven runners at once.

The Paris 2024 Olympics will take place from July 26 to August 11, with Algeria participating with 45 athletes (26 male athletes and 19 female athletes) distributed across 15 different sports disciplines, which is almost the same number that participated in the previous edition of the Olympics, Tokyo 2020, which took place in the summer of 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.

44 Algerian athletes participated in the Japan Olympics, distributed across 14 sports disciplines.

The lion’s share goes to athletics and wrestling.

Algeria will participate in the Paris Olympics with the lion’s share in the sports of athletics and wrestling, as seven runners have qualified in different disciplines in the sport of athletics, including 6 male and one female runner, while wrestling will witness the participation of eight athletes, 6 male and female wrestlers.

Unusually, team sports were absent from Algeria’s participation in the Paris Olympics, which proves the significant decline in the results of various Algerian team sports on the African continent, specifically football, handball and volleyball, which were shining remarkably at the African level at a certain stage.

Spain Olympic team duo Pau Cobarci and Fermin Lopez

The brilliant Algerian gymnast, Kalia Nemour, is the youngest Algerian athlete in the Paris Olympics at the age of 17, while the oldest participant will be Carole Bouzidi in the (canoe kayak) specialty, the oldest at the age of 39, while the weightlifter Walid Bidani will participate for the fourth time in his history in the Olympic competition.

List of Algerian athletes qualified for the Paris Olympics

Athletics: Djamel Sjati (800 metres), Slimane Mawla (800 metres), Mohamed Taher Yasser Triki (triple jump), Mohamed Gawand (800 metres), Amine Bouanani (110 metres hurdles), Oussama Khanoussi (discus throw) and Zahra Tatar ( hammer throw).

Rowing: Sayed Ali Boudina (skiff – light weight), Nihad Ben Shadli (skiff – heavyweight).

Canoe- Kayak: Carol Bouzidi (slalom).

Bicycles: Nisreen Hawaili and Yassin Hamza.

Boxing: Roumaissa Boualem (50 kg), Hajila Khalif (60 kg), Iman Khalif (66 kg), Youghourta Ait Baqa (63.5 kg), Mourad Kadi (+92 kg).

Shooting with sports weapons: Hoda Shaabin, Samir Boucherb and Kasila Adoul.

Gymnastics: Kelia Nemours.

Badminton: By Messila and Thanina Maamari (Mixed Doubles)

Fencing: Salim Harawi (men’s foil), Hossam Women’s team (four athletes)

Greco-Roman wrestling: Abdelkrim Farqat (60 kg), Isaac Gayo (67 kg), Abdelkrim Oukali (77 kg), Bashir Sayed Azara (87 kg), Fadi Rawabah (97 kg).

Freestyle wrestling: Fateh Ben Faraj Allah (86 kg)

Women’s wrestling: Ibtissam Doudou (50 kg), Shaima Fawzia Awisi (57 kg)

Sail: Rami Bodrouma (EQ Foil)

Weightlifting: Walid Bidani (over 102 kg)

Table Tennis: Mehdi Bouloussa and Linda Laghraibi.

Guido: Mohamed Mehdi Lili (over 100 kg), Driss Massoud (under 73 kg), Belkadi Amina (under 63 kg)

Swimming: Jawad Sayoud and Nisreen Mujahid.

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