Algeria vs. Uganda… 3 factors pave the way for the “Warriors” to win

The Algerian national team will meet against Uganda today, Monday, June 10, at the Mandela National Stadium in the capital, Kampala, for the fourth round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers for the African continent, in order to compensate for its unexpected loss in the last round against Guinea, and perhaps break up the partnership at the top of Group Seven.

And the team lost.”Desert warriors“In front of Guinea at Nelson Mandela Stadium, with a score of two goals to one, in the first official match for the new coach, Vladimir Petkovic, at a time when the Algerian team had collected 6 points during the first two rounds, by defeating Somalia by three goals to one in Algeria, then Mozambique with two unanswered goals in Maputo.

Before the crucial match between “Algeria vs. Uganda” in qualifying for the 2026 World Cup in Group Seven, “win win“Three factors may pave the way for Bennacer’s teammates to win the match points, and bring them back to the forefront again in order to reconcile with the Algerian fans.

Moderate climate in Kampala

The Algerian national team team relaxed immediately after its arrival in the capital, Kampala, on the night of Saturday, June 8th, given the moderate climate there, with temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius, which gave great comfort to the “Waist” stars and the technical staff, after everyone was afraid of the workers. High humidity and high temperatures, which characterize most of the African continent.

The capital, Kampala, witnessed rain falling on Sunday, June 9, which is considered a positive factor that serves Amine Goueiri’s teammates more, given that they are comfortable playing in such an atmosphere to which they are accustomed, in contrast to the hot and humid atmosphere, because most of them grew up in the continent of Europe, and some of them also… The players will have their first experience in Africa, in the form of Anis Haj Moussa.

A stadium with international standards that will host the match between Algeria and Uganda

The Confederation of African Football authorized its Ugandan counterpart to host its rivals at the Mandela National Stadium after it met all safety conditions and competition standards, which was disqualified months ago and Uganda was forced to play in several countries, including Egypt and Cameroon, where it received the “Greens” in Jaboma in the qualifiers. “It was 2023.”

Formation of the Algerian national team against Uganda

The floor of the Mandela National Stadium in Kampala, which is hosting the Algeria-Uganda confrontation, appears to be in its best condition, as it appeared in very good condition during the confrontation between Uganda and Botswata (1-0) in the third round, on Friday, June 7, and these are data that will reduce the technical problems of Petkovic’s cubs. It allows them to implement the appropriate plan to return winning points.

High morale and great determination to compensate for the loss of Guinea

“Sources revealed”win winEspecially since the technical staff of the Algerian national team focused a lot on the psychological factor before facing Uganda, as it was keen to raise the morale of the players after the disappointment of the match against Guinea, and the psychological state of Benzia’s teammates seemed much better than it was after the loss to the “Silli National” team, especially because of their awareness That they disappointed the Algerian fans a few days ago.

The players had held a meeting among themselves and talked about the need to return with the winning points from Kampala in the match between Algeria and Uganda to make up for the points lost at Nelson Mandela Stadium, in order to maintain the lead in Group Seven, and to emphasize their strong desire to qualify for the World Cup for the fifth time in history. After missing the opportunity to participate in the last two editions in Russia and Qatar.

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